8th Grade Science

Welcome to Mrs. Shipman's 8th grade Science page! This year, we will learn about Energy, Matter, Chemistry (Elements, Periodic Table, Atoms), Rocks/Minerals, Our Changing Earth (Erosion/Weathering, Earthquakes/Volcanoes/Plate Tectonics), Space, and Weather & Climate. Along the way, we'll be examining phenomena, constructing models and using technology to create products. We will also be conducting experiments & collecting evidence to draw conclusions based on quantitative and qualitative data.

Science Olympiad Students should check the Google Classroom site regularly: classroom.google.com/u/0/c/MzMzMjQ4ODU5

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Tentative Unit Outline for the School Year:

  • 1st Quarter: Lab Safety, Measurement, Experimentation, Intro to Chemistry.
  • 2nd Quarter: Earth Surface (rocks and minerals), Rocks/Minerals, Erosion/Weathering,.
  • 3rd Quarter: Changing Earth (Tectonic Plates, Earthquakes, Volcanoes).
  • 4th Quarter: Weather/Climate, Earth Week, Climate Change, Energy, and Space Science.