About Us

WildeGeist GZ-4 International is a United States of America Disabled Veteran owned and operated 501(c)(19) [ PENDING ] business conducting Cyberspace Operations to assist in ongoing efforts of Interest to the United States of America National Security and Global War on Terror Anti-Terrorism efforts and Department of Justice. Newly conceived February 2019 to answer a call of duty of all Americans by our President and Commander & Chief of this United States of America Donald J. Trump, in his recently released September 2018 National Cyber Strategy as well as Executive Order 13800, Strengthening the Cybersecurity of Federal Networks and Critical Infrastructure. Currently a 'one man show' spearheaded by Georg Curnutt ( Disabled Army Veteran ), WildeGeist GZ-4 International will Operate at an Offensive, Defensive, and Intelligence gathering level in Cyber Spaces; as well as an Educational Peer to Peer Resource for other Veterans to come to to get involved, motivated, and learn new skills in the interest of all Americans and the World.

Subject to changes, as this is a brand new undertaking, the hope and plan at present is to be a Model and Inspiration for others to get involved and attract our younger folks to do the same or similar.

WildeGeist GZ-4 International hopes to attract Sponsors, Donors, and Investors. Several Programs exist for Monetary Rewards offered by our Government for information leading to the Arrest or Capture of Terrorists and Fugitives Domestic and Abroad. The Rewards for Justice Program alone has $700,000,000.00 in Rewards available for any successful leads. For optimal performance of most of the Software Tools used we will need to resort to Cloud Computing which can be costly. To put it simply, the more Funds we have to pay for Cloud Computing Power the better our chances of success, and tapping into this $700,000,000.00 Reward. And there are other Monetary Rewards available both Domestic and Abroad Internationally. But we hope Monetary Gain is not the only reason for Investment, Sponsorship, and Donations. Above all we desire all Support to fulfill every Americans Duty and Obligation to our Country and each other to be proactive and active to ensure nothing can change our quality of life for the worse.

There is an active War going on in Cyber Space. An ongoing World War. Every day the sophistication and experience of persons and Countries with bad intent make it more and more difficult for our Country' Self Preservation efforts. And so President Trump has called us all to Duty. WildeGeist GZ-4 International is answering this call. How will you answer to it?