Contact: Joanne Seaman, RN

Phone: 978-526-1909

Heath Updates

A few health updates:

Please remember to fill out your child's MYMedBot form on the days they are in school and before they arrive. We have reconfigured everything so that you should only be prompted on the days they attend. If you have not signed -up or are experiencing issues with the app please let me know.

If you have decided not to do MedBot ,please fill out the attestation form on days your child is in school, please hand in the form to Nurse Kaneb as you enter the building.

If it says to contact the nurse, you must do so before entering the building

If you get a " Call your school nurse", please call me or email me before sending your child to school.

Flu shots are all due by December 31st , whether you are remote or hybrid.

We need to all work together in order to keep everyone safe.

Thank you for helping to keep everyone safe.

Stay well

Joanne Seaman, RN