Meadow Creek Church! You made it! We're so glad that you're here to worship with us.

Here's what you do here:

  1. Thank God for technology that lets us worship together in our homes to consider his word and sing his praise.

  2. Scroll through this order worship. Play the songs provided and sing together. Play the video for announcements and sermon.

  3. Participate the best you can. We know this is different, but our souls need participatory worship.


  • Stay tuned for further announcements regarding virtual events.

Worship Songs


Please play this song as you give online by clicking here. May your heart soar in worship as you give back to God.

Welcome, Prayer, & Sermon

"Love for the Family" – Joshua Chambers

Sermon Outline:

1. Love One Another (V. 11)

2. Don’t be Like Cain (V. 12-13)

3. Know You are Children of God (v. 14-15)

Closing Song