There Are Two Sides to Every Story: Radium Girls- Written by Charlie Saylor

Radium Girls was the fall play for the MCHS Drama Club. It told the story of businessman Arthur Roeder (Erdem Ulker) who deals with the internal struggle of deciding whether his morals outweighed the values of his company, and young Grace Fryer (Zoe Sondergeld) who tries to stand up for her rights in a world where she has none. Although both were affected by the paint created by Dr. Von Sochocky (Charlie Saylor), they ended up on opposite sides in court.

The cast went through a lot the last week before the show. Senior Maddie Clinkscales (Dingus) was an invaluable part of the show. She was not only the Student Assistant Director, but she also portrayed Mrs. Alma MacNeil, Societywoman, Shopgirl, and Anna Fryer. The week before the show, Maddie passed out while rehearsing and was eventually diagnosed with pneumonia. Due to her condition, she was no longer able to participate as an actor in the show, but she remained invaluable and continued to help at rehearsals and shows despite her condition. Thankfully, in Maddie's absence Angel Helton, Madison Howard, and Riley Silveira stepped up to the plate and performed amazingly. I personally want to thank Maddie and all those who stepped in for her; the show couldn't have gone on without you.

"Connecting to the innocence of Grace was very challenging, and very rewarding. Grace stood up for her rights and the rights of her friends even when no one else was willing to," said Zoe Sondergeld who portrayed Grace Fryer. Zoe did an incredible job with this performance. Zoe took a character that conveys many challenging emotions in a way so raw and beautiful it's as if she was the character herself. "I really enjoyed playing Arthur because he showcased many different emotions and circumstances and it was enjoyable acting it out; the last scene was a very emotional scene and I am glad I got to be in it," said Erdem Ulker who portrayed Arthur Roeder. Erdem is a very creative performer who is always looking for ways to make the scenes even better than what they are, and he succeeds at that. When Erdem acts, he finds a way to connect with his fellow actors and the audience in a way I've never seen. I couldn't be prouder of either of them and am honored to have worked with them on this project.

This year I personally delivered the opening speech for the performance. I collaborated with Mrs. Judy Lyons on a speech that honored people that have been negatively affected by radium along with those who received radiation therapy. The show Radium Girls was an amazing opportunity for all students involved, and I am very grateful for our amazing directors, Ashley Fackler and Judy Lyons. Make sure you go see our next production I Hate Shakespeare.

Radium Girls Cast and Crew


Grace Fryer: Zoe Sondergeld

Kathryn Schaub: Isabella Ray

Irene Rudolph: Riley Silveira

Mrs. Alma MacNeil: Madison Howard

Arthur Roeder: Erdem Ulker

Edward Markley: Ky Middleton

Charlie Lee: Charlie Saylor

Dr. Von Sochocky: Charlie Saylor

Tom Kreider: Bryce Vessels

Diane Roeder: Abagail White

Harriet Roeder: Abagail White

Young Harriet: Delaney Fackler

Anna Fryer: Riley Silveira

Katherine Wiley: Kaylie Poole

Raymond Berry: Hannah Trujillo

Dr. Cecil Drinker: Madison Howard

Dr. Harrison Martland: Cassidy Sibole

Dr. Joseph Knef: Hannah Trujillo

Dr. Marie Curie: Emilee Duke

Frederick Flinn, Ph.D.: Emilee Duke

Reporter (Jack Youngwood): Donald Smallwood

Sob Sister (Nancy Jane Harlan): Allie Reardon

J. A. Bailey: Madison Howard

Mrs. Michaels: Angelica Helton

Societywoman: Angelica Helton

Clerk: Angelica Helton

Board Member #1: Cassidy Sibole

Board Member #2: Donald Smallwood

Board Member #3: Bryce Vessels

Shopgirl: Angelica Helton

Photographer: Madison Howard

Elderly Widow: Angelica Helton

Customer: Cassidy Sibole

Male Shopper: Bryce Vessels

Court: Cassidy Sibole

Lovesick Cowboy: Chase French

Store Owner: Hannah Trujillo

Venecine Salesman: Trinity Spink


Stage Manager: Chase French

Lights: Destiny Sibole and Nadia Turner

Sound: Lily Gootee

Stagehands: Jadyn Johnson, Ruth Wise, Karly Reynolds, Hailey

Vanorden, Mercedes Gossage, Mykenzie Blankenship, and

Makeup: Elizabeth Morrow

Director: Judy Lyons

Assistant Director/Art Director: Ashley Fackler

Student Assistant Director: Maddie Clinkscales