Mead High School Special Education

Special Education Philosophy

It is the philosophy of the Mead School District and specific direction of the Special Education Department to assist all students with disabilities to benefit from their educational program with an appropriate degree of exposure to their non-disabled peers. What is taught should be directly applicable to the student's ability to successfully function in his/her environment. Every effort will be made to transition students into the community with an emphasis upon training students to work towards independence. Efforts of the Special Education Department will focus upon the intent of the district's mission by actualizing each student's positive self-image and assisting each student to achieve his/her potential independence in his/her post school environment.

YOU Belong at MHS!

At Mead High School, we develop the mind, heart, and spirit of ALL students by first ensuring an opportunity to belong. That's not just our mission & vision, but it's our life's work. We see public school as a hub for the community and a glimpse into its future prospects. As a comprehensive 3A school with approximately 1750 students, we understand belonging is no easy task; however, we take pride in providing opportunities for ALL students to find their niche and thrive via academics, activities, arts, and athletics.