Want to crew? Need Crew?

Have you always wanted to crew on those sailboats you see playing on Lake Erie on Wednesday nights? Would you love to crew, but can't commit to racing for the whole season? Are you a skipper in need of crew for the season, or only on occasion? Then the PDYC Race Division Crew Bank is for you!!

If you are brand new to sailing or racing, we suggest you sign up for the PDYC Crew School Course starting on May 7, 2019.

Otherwise, if you'd like to be considered as crew on race nights, please fill out this form and your information will be available to Skippers who are looking for crew just like you!

PDYC Race Division Skippers... please submit your email address here to have access to the Race Division Crew Bank and never be short crew again! Once you receive confirmation, you'll have access to contact information, level of sailing experience and availability of your future crew members. This list is automatically updated whenever new people sign up, so check back often. Reminders when new Crew Bank additions are made are posted to our Facebook page.