2019 Sailing Instructions

PDYC Sailing Instructions 2019

1. General Information

1.1 Eligibility

A yacht shall be registered in good standing for the current season with the Port Dover Yacht Club Racing Division in order to be eligible to race in PDYC Racing Division events. Such registration includes written submission to, and acceptance by the Racing Division Executive, of a registration form, current PHRF certificate or acceptance of PHRF penalty, proof of liability insurance, and payment of the prescribed fee. The Racing Division may at its discretion; delay acceptance of an extremely late submission if it deems that immediate acceptance would create undue race management problems.

Any yacht that has met the other registration requirements (including submission of proof of liability insurance) may participate in up to two (2) races without payment of the prescribed registration fee, however a yacht that is not fully registered including payment of fee shall not be scored, and shall not be eligible to receive prizes or awards.

Races shall be rated using PHRF-LE handicapping system, and therefore only yachts conforming to the PHRF-LE rules are eligible.

The Race Executive may refuse entry of any yacht not within the spirit of the rules as prescribed in this publication.

No yacht shall compete in a race for which she is scheduled to act as committee boat.

Except as otherwise specified in the instructions for a specific event, no yacht shall compete in a race with only one person on board. Any yacht violating this rule may be disqualified from the race through the protest procedure.

1.2 Owner's Responsibility

The safety of a yacht and her crew is the sole and inescapable responsibility of the owner, who must ensure that the yacht is fully sound, seaworthy, and manned by a capable crew who are physically fit. The owner must be satisfied as to the soundness of hull, spars, rigging, sails and all gear. As well, owners shall ensure that all necessary safety equipment is properly maintained and stowed and that the crew knows where it is kept and how it is to be used.

Neither the establishment of these special regulations, their use by sponsoring organizations, nor the inspection of a yacht under these regulations in any way reduces the complete and unlimited responsibility of the owner. It is the sole and exclusive responsibility of each yacht owner to decide whether or not to start or continue to race.

1.3 Race Management

Any decision to cancel a race due to weather conditions shall be made by the Executive (President, Secretary, Treasurer) in consultation with the scheduled committee boat.

Committee boats are encouraged to announce their intentions using VHF radios.

Generally, all radio communication between the committee boat and the racing yachts shall be on VHF Radio Channel 72. Other channels may be used at the discretion of the race committee.

Shaibu, Relentless, Caleidescope, and Solstice V, will act as a committee to advise the Wednesday night committee boat on the course selection and reposition the tetrahedron as required.

For all races, the committee shall be authorized to gain a consensus through radio communication to start the race no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

1.4 Scoring System

In general, the following scoring values shall be used when determining standings for award purposes.

Consider: (First - 1 pts; Second - 2 pts; Third - 3 pts)

DNF - Failure to Finish - Total # of Starters in Race + 1 point DNS - Failure to Start - Total # of Starters in Race + 3 pts DSQ - Disqualification - Total # of Starters in Race + 3 pts

A yacht shall be entitled to one throw out of her worst score in a series provided that the series includes not less than four races actually completed. Note that Regatta Events are not by definition a series and therefore no throw outs are permitted.

1.4.1 Monthly Wednesday Night Series

The yacht in a fleet with the lowest monthly total score after one throw out, if so entitled, shall win her fleet's Month Award.

Each yacht's total monthly score shall be calculated using the scoring values outlined in section 1.3.

After throwing out her worst score in the month, if so entitled, a yacht acting as Committee Boat shall receive her average score for that month for the race in which she served as Committee Boat (i.e. a month with 4 Wednesday races, one of which you are committee boat, 3 you have raced in. One race is thrown out and the others averaged for your month. Note: if only 3 races held in the month of which you are committee boat for 1 race and have raced in the other 2, there is no throw out to average your month.).

Each yacht shall receive a score for her monthly performance in each Wednesday Night Series according to section 1.4. (For example, the yacht being second overall in June shall receive two points). Each yacht shall total her four monthly scores. No month shall be thrown out. These points shall be compared to determine the Wednesday Night Overall awards. Note that in the event of a tie in points, the tie shall be broken as if each month were a race. For example, out of the four month scores, who has the most firsts and so on.

1.4.2 Regatta Events

The yacht in a fleet with the lowest total score using the scoring values from section 1.4 shall win her fleet's award. No throw outs will be allowed in a Regatta (note that this may be changed by the regatta sailing instructions).

Note that a Novice Fleet may be established.

1.4.3 Monday Night Series - Spring/Fall

The yacht with the lowest total score - after one throw out, if so entitled, will win the Series. The standings for the Spring/Fall Series will be used in the Port Dover Sailing Trophy standings.

1.4.4 Port Dover Sailing Trophy: Spinnaker (Incl. One Design Fleet) (AGM 2019) The winner of this trophy shall be determined by the best 6 out of 9 performances in the following events:

  • 4 Months of Wednesday Nights
  • 2 Monday Night Series
  • 2 Port Dover Weekend Regattas
  • 1 Away Regatta - overall result in class, fleet or division (min. of 5 boats).

1.4.5 Port Dover Sailing Trophy: Jib and Main (Fleets A & B as required) (AGM 2019)

The winner of this trophy shall be determined by the best 5 out of 7 performances in the following events:

  • 4 Months of Wednesday Nights
  • 2 Port Dover Weekend Regattas
  • 1 Away Regatta - overall result in class, fleet or division (minimum of 5 boats)

1.4.5 Port Dover Sailing Trophy: Jib and Main (Fleets A & B as required) (AGM 2019)

The winner of this trophy shall be determined by the best 5 out of 7 performances in the following events:

  • 4 Months of Wednesday Nights
  • 2 Port Dover Weekend Regattas
  • 1 Away Regatta - overall result in class, fleet or division (minimum of 5 boats)

1.4.6 Participation Recognition

Any yacht that qualifies for the Port Dover Sailing Trophy will receive recognition at Sailor's Night for their year's participation.

1.4.7 Other Awards

Awards shall be presented for the Night Race or other specialty races at the annual Sailors’ Night.

Motion that flags be awarded for the Night Race, being first, second and third places in each the spinnaker and JAM fleet, but that the Night Race not count for the Boat of the Year calculations.

1.4.8 Ratings

All yachts shall have a current PHRF-LE Rating Certificate for all races, or alternatively yachts shall accept a SEVEN (7) second penalty from the base rating as assigned by the statistician. Current PHRF-LE Certificates must be submitted to the statistician seven (7) days prior to the first race of the current year. All yachts submitting certificates after that period shall accept a seven (7) second penalty to their PHRF-LE rating for that month. NOTE: PHRF-LE rating certificates are valid for one sailing season only in the year of issue. Expired certificates will not be accepted for unpenalized rating. Changes to a yacht’s assigned rating due to the submission of a Rating Certificate shall take effect on the first day of the month following the accepted submission of the Certificate to the statistician.

1.5 Changes

Any changes, permanent or temporary, to the information laid out herein will be posted on the official Race Committee bulletin board, located in the PDYC club house not later than 0830 hours of the day on which the changes are to take effect, or shall be announced at a skipper's meeting.

2. Sailing Instructions

2.1 Rules

Races will be sailed under the latest edition of the International Sailing Federation, the prescriptions of the Canadian Yachting Association, and the sailing instructions given in this publication. Skippers are urged to carry a copy of an ISAF approved rulebook aboard their vessels. Note that for any race sailed after sunset, the "Right of Way Rules of Part IV" are superseded by the "Rules of the Road for the Great Lakes".

2.2 Definition of a Race

Two or more yachts must start to make a race. One yacht finishing within the time allowed makes it a race for all yachts.

2.3 The Start

The starting line will be bounded by a mark in the water and the mast of the Committee Boat. If in doubt, the onus is on the racing skipper to ascertain from the Committee Boat how the start line will be defined. In most cases the starting line and the finishing line will be one and the same. (See 2.6)

Yachts are requested to check in with the Committee Boat by sailing past the Committee Boat's stern (preferably on starboard tack) prior to the warning (5) minute signal. Yachts failing to check-in in this manner may be recorded DNS and points for that race awarded accordingly.

Yachts shall keep clear of the "starting area" in the five (5) minutes prior to another fleet's start, or risk protest by another yacht and disqualification.

The "starting area" is defined as the area within 100 metres in any direction of the starting line.

Actual Monday Night starts are scheduled at 1900 during May and June, and at 1830 in September. Actual Wednesday Night (first fleet) starts are scheduled at 1855 during May, June, July and August, and at 1825 during September. The Committee Boat shall be authorized to gain a consensus through radio communication to start the race no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. (2018 AGM)

If a gale is forecast, a race is to be rescheduled.

No race shall be started if, in the opinion of the Committee Boat, the prevailing conditions fail to offer all yachts racing a fair opportunity to start. It is expected that every effort will be made to start races in light air.

2.4 Signals

Watch for their display on the Race Committee Boat. Sound signals may be given in addition to visual signals by use of an air horn or other appropriate device. Times shall be taken from the visual starting signals and a failure or mistiming of sound signals shall be disregarded. The Race shall be started according to the following signals:

Class flags shall be as follows:

  • Spinnaker Fleet (Including One Design Fleet, as required) - Orange
  • Jib and Main (A Fleet, or Single Fleet) - Green
  • Jib and Main (B Fleet, as required) - Yellow

Yachts may be instructed to fly a class pennant. A yacht's failure to do so shall not be grounds for disqualification.

Note that the race committee may use shapes and flags interchangeable as it deems appropriate.

The warning signal for each succeeding class/fleet shall be made with or after the starting signal of the preceding class.

Race Postponed - Answering pennant "AP" (red, white vertical stripes) Hoisting of this flag with a single sound means "race postponed". A new warning signal will be made one (1) minute after this signal is lowered.

Come Within Hail - Code flag "L" (black and yellow squares).

Race Cancelled - Code flag "N" (blue and white checkerboard)

Individual Recall - Individual recall will be signaled by a single sound, hoisting of Code flag “X” (blue cross on white background), and by hailing, if possible, the sail numbers or name of the yacht concerned. Failure of the Race Committee to notify the yacht or yachts concerned does not relieve them of their responsibility for proper restarting. The Race Committee may attempt to hail a proper restart.

General Recall - A general recall will be signaled by two rapid sound signals and the hoisting of the Code flag "first repeater" (yellow with blue border) pennant. After a general recall, a new preparatory signal will be made one (1) minute after the lowering of Code flag "first repeater" pennant. Normal starting signals will be used. All subsequent classes will be postponed accordingly.

All races shall be sailed "Buoys to Port" except for distance races which shall be sailed as directed by the race committee.

2.5 Altered Course

After the start, the Committee Boat may shorten the course at any mark of the course by hoisting Code flag "S" (white with a blue square in the centre) and by being on station in close proximity to that mark prior to the first yacht reaching the mark. The new finish line will then be between the Committee Boat and the mark.

After the start, the Committee Boat may change the course by hoisting Code flag "C" (two horizontal blue stripes and a horizontal red stripe on a white background). Yachts will then proceed from the leeward mark through the starting line and on to the new weather mark. The letter designating the new weather mark will be displayed on the Committee Boat in the normal fashion.

Note: Both ends of the start/finish line now become marks of the course.

A change of weather mark will change in a corresponding manner all subsequent marks. Changes to the course may be accompanied by notification on VHF Radio.

2.6 Finish

Usually the finish line is the same as the start line. A boat will be ruled as finished when any part of her hull or her crew or equipment in normal position crosses the finish line from the direction of the last mark.

Because of weather conditions, the definition of the finish line may be altered prior to the start of the race. Should the Race Committee Boat not be on station at a finish line, a skipper should take his own finish time (watch time) and report to the Race Committee ashore immediately upon docking. Skippers should also note the previous and subsequent boat finishing to authenticate their own finish times. Note: The mark must be left close abeam - within three (3) boat lengths.

2.7 Time Limits

A maximum time limit for each race shall be indicated on the course sheet. If any yacht in a division (i.e. JAM or SPIN) completes the race within the time limit, then the race will be scored for all yachts in that division. Once a yacht has completed the race within the time limit, the time limit will be extended an additional 20 minutes for the balance of the division. Any yacht not finishing within the extended time limit will be scored as "Did Not Finish".

For example: If the time limit is 2 hours for a race that starts at 7 pm, the time limit is 9 pm. If no yacht finishes before 9 pm, then the race is cancelled. If one or more yachts finish before 9 pm, then the balance of the fleet shall have until 9:20 pm (the extended time limit) to finish. Any yacht that does not finish by 9:20 will be scored “Did Not Finish.”

2.8 Failure to Finish a Race

Once having started, a skipper's decision not to finish must be communicated to the Committee Boat regardless of the reason. This shall be done while leaving the racecourse using VHF communication or by personal hail. Failure to "check out" in this manner may result in a yacht being scored "Disqualified".

2.9 720 Rule

In keeping with the spirit of good sportsmanship and the Corinthian Ideals of Yachting, the 720 Rule will be in effect for all races. Through this rule, a yacht may exonerate herself of any "minor" fouls by completing two consecutive 360-degree turns including two tacks and two jibes. These penalty turns shall be completed within a reasonable period of time of the infraction. In the event that a protest is sustained despite one yacht accepting the penalty turns, the protest committee shall be the sole judge of whether or not a foul is "minor". A reduction in the number of formal protests is an expected benefit.

2.10 Protests

The Protest Committee appointed by the Race Executive will be comprised of a protest Chairman and three (3) additional members. (Note 2018 Committee: Roy Chivers - Chair, Hadley Jackson, John Vallee, Brad Smith, Dave Gosnell, Andy Elkin, Terry Grace.) The minimum number of members hearing a protest shall be three (3). The protesting yacht must observe the following procedure:

  1. Fly a red protest flag at the first reasonable opportunity after the acknowledged foul. This flag must be flown until the Committee Boat acknowledges the intent to protest.
  2. Attempt to notify the other yacht(s) of the intention to protest.
  3. Describe in writing the details of the alleged infraction, citing applicable rules and so on. The use of a standard protest form is recommended.

4. Submit the written protest to the Committee Boat or a representative of the Race Committee within two (2) hours of finishing the last scheduled race.


Protests from Monday and Wednesday night racing shall be heard on the following Wednesday night at PDYC except at the end of the season when there is no following Wednesday night in which case the protest shall be heard on the same night as the protest is filed. Also, if a skipper advises that he will not be available to participate in a protest the following Wednesday, then the protest hearing may be deferred for a reasonable time at the discretion of the protest committee.

In the absence of a party to the protest, the Protest Committee may render its decision on the basis of evidence submitted.

No protest shall be heard with respect to alleged infractions of rule 75.2 with respect to ISAF regulation 21.1(b) (eligibility code). This changes ISAF RRS rules 60.1(a) and 60.2(a). Protest decisions and rationale are to be emailed to the fleet when possible.

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