Just One Chip but Everything

We offer a series of production-ready IoMT modules.

μBIC series deliver verified performance and connectivity.

Just-Fit-In solution, whatever you consider; ECG/Resp., EMG, EEG, PPG, SP02, Blood Glucose.

The Interpreter of Biomedical Signals

Are you looking for novel technology for wearable or medical devices? Here it is!

μBIC makes tremendous cases that promise to transform the lives of millions of people.

There will be countless innovative μBIC-based wearable devices on the market.

Many Function in Tiny Package

: Sensor, Wireless, Algorithm

The size is micro but it has big function.

μBIC series processors are available to collect signals, process, and transmit from human to cloud.

They will be deployed in wearable, home and consumer device, medical device, automotive, infotainment for next generation user experiences.

Pick a target

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