Home and Hospital

Home & Hospital is a program designed with temporary placement to help maintain a student’s academic standing during a time of illness

or other temporary disability. The purpose of Home & Hospital is to support the student in maintaining a continuity of instruction during the

student’s absence from the regular program. Home & Hospital is not a credit recovery program.

Enrollment Deadlines

The last day to enroll in Home & Hospital for 2022-2023 School Year:

Fall Semester -- November 18, 2022

Spring Semester -- High School Seniors: March 17, 2023; All other Students: April 28, 2023

Please note, placement in Home & Hospital may take up to 2 weeks after the completed application is received by the Home & Hospital staff.


  1. Students referred to H&H must have a medical or psychological condition, verified by a licensed doctor.

  2. A signed doctor/psychiatrist authorization which requires the need for individual instruction from Home & Hospital. Student must be out of school for five days or more. The referral may not exceed 90 days.

  3. Parent must submit a signed release:

Parent Authorization for Release of Information

  1. Eligibility will be reviewed every 90 days and requires a new medical or psychiatric referral to extend services.


  • Students are entitled to a maximum of 5 hours per week of home instruction or per IEP.

  • Parents need to be flexible with instructional hours as teachers have multiple students.

  • No sessions are allowed on holidays or weekends.

  • Home & Hospital cannot be responsible for grading students two weeks prior to the semester ending.

  • Home & Hospital teachers cannot change prior grades or credits issued by the home school nor can Home & Hospital make-up tests, quizzes and missing assignments prior to the enrollment date into Home & Hospital.

  • A high school student can earn .25 credits per week per subject.

  • Students who enroll in Home & Hospital during the middle of a grading period will be issued quarter credit on their transcript (2.50 credits per subject) by blending the Home & Hospital grade with the withdrawal grade from the home school even if that grade is a “F”.

  • Students are responsible to keep devices safe and be on zoom/google meets for prescribed hours.

Home & Hospital

2701 Willow Pass Rd

Concord, CA 94519

Crossroads Campus, Room 32

925-682-8000,ext 3071

Email: homehosp@mdusd.org

Administrator: Kristi Kaufenberg