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Week of August 22, 2022

Mr. Braun to start his intro here:

Guidance Office News

FRESHMEN: Mark Carignan []

SECOND SEMESTER: Michele Gurtler []
Megan Rowell []

JUNIORS: Michele Gurtler (A-K), Megan Rowell (L-Z)

SENIORS: Michele Gurtler (A-K), Megan Rowell (L-Z)


Basil Steele []

Ericka Witham []

FAQs from the Main Office

Student Absences

Parents/Guardians: Please contact the school at 288-5011 to report an absence on the ‘Attendance Line’--Option 1

It is very important that parents/guardians contact the school, using the above method, when your child is out of school. It is vital that we know when someone is out due to illness, so that our school nurse, Tammy Underwood, can reach out to the family and ensure a safe return to school that will keep us all healthy.

Student Absence for more than 3 days of school

It is important to notify the school when your student is going to miss 3 days or more of school. The Extended Absence Form should be completed ahead of time by your student and their teachers. Completed forms are turned in to Mr. Braun’s office.

Late to school?

All students must check-in at the Main Office upon arrival, even if tardiness is excused.

Need to be dismissed from school?

Calling or sending a note in the morning allows us to give your student a pass to get out of class at the appropriate time. If a student feels sick once they arrive, they need to be dismissed by our nurse, Tammy Underwood. Students cannot leave the building without permission from a parent/guardian.

Forgot something at home?

A parent may drop off items at the main office, and the student will be called down between classes.

Extracurricular Information?

All Extracurricular Information can be found on the Athletics tab on our homepage, Cancellations and changes will be posted by 1pm, or as soon as possible. Want to find out if school is canceled or delayed? Call 288-5011, ext 7, or check our webpage,

Welcome to MDIHS!

Message from the School Nurse

Happy Summer!

We will be offering free extracurricular physicals on August 11, 12 & 15 from 9am.-4pm Call 288-5011 ext 3352 or 3300 to schedule your appointment. The following forms (2) need to be completed and brought to the clinic on the day of your physical:

If you have any questions or concerns over the summer please feel free to email me and I will get back to you ASAP!!


Tammy Underwood RN

Important Dates & Upcoming Events

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Have a community event that you want high school students or parents to be aware of or a community service opportunity for MDI students?
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