A Snapshot in Time:

2020 - A Year We Will Always Remember

Who could have known that 2020 would be the year we will never forget? The yearbook committee created this special edition to share our perspectives of how we have discovered the silver linings and the resilience in ourselves, each other and our school community.

Nature's Virtue

Multimedia student Emma Kline shares her project, "The Virtue of Nature", showcasing how reconnecting to nature has been a source of strength for many.

What does "well being" mean during quarantine?

Maya Chu received 113 responses about how social media has played a role in supporting student well being.

A Summary of Results:

  • Nearly 50% report feeling "mentally tired"

  • The cause? Overwhelmingly school is a factor, as is motivation.

  • Receiving encouraging posts on social media produced mixed reactions - for some it was a boost, others less so.

  • In the same way, respondents report mixed feelings about whether social media messages improve mental well being.

  • HOWEVER! A HUGE majority report that social media has become a bigger part of their lives during quarantine.

Infographic and study designed by Design student Maya Chu

Graphic designed by Design student Chloe Carroll

how is our economy being impacted by covid 19?

Special Edition by Project by Chloe Carroll

Small business is at the heart of the U.S. economy. The virus' damage varies by state and industry, but majorities of small businesses reported revenue declines, cuts to employee hours and requests for federal aid.

Hardest hit:

The restaurant & hospitality industry.

Knight, S. (2020, May 14). Swing states hit as coronavirus rips small businesses.

Click to Learn How You Can Support Local Businesses

During COVID-19, shopping for essentials was something of an adventure. Rebecca Donahue created this interactive survey to determine the activities necessary to gather supplies and to offer solutions and resourcefulness that she discovered in the process!

Did your grocery store look like this in April of 2020?

Infographic and study data by Estefania Borrero

How did you manage your time during distance learning?

Estefania Borrero created an infographic based on data gathered from Instagram to study students' habits and determine if quarantine influenced new habits in positive ways.


  • The amount of time spent on school work and playing video games is nearly the same.

  • Surprisingly, the amount of time sleeping and spending on social media are virtually the same. (Could there be a correlation?!)

  • Spending time outside was huge factor in managing quarantine and notably

Activities Done During Quarantine

What hobbies have MCST staff taken up during the pandemic?

Sam Stiller was curious to find out if teachers and staff have pursued or continued hobbies during the quarantine. Sam uncovered some fun findings!

safe-guarding mental health during crisis

Fiona MacDonald believes bringing attention to health and wellness is not just about the physical body, but also raising awareness about mental health, break down stigmas and share key ways to find balance and well-being in mind, body and soul.

Original illustration by Design student Veronica Kania

What is it like to be a child during covid-19?

Veronica Kania designed a mock up of a children's book depicting the doctor as a friendly and approachable character and a little child as scared and confused. Veronica explains that her book project seeks to dispel Coronavirus myths and help children learn about the truths and empower them with the key activities that will help them:

  • wearing a mask

  • washing hands & not touching the face

  • social distancing

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

Margaret Mead