Who We Are

The Buzz Newsletter is the school's official, quarterly newspaper used as a method of expanding student-led leadership as well as writing skills across multiple categories such as:

  • critical or evaluative literature and media reviews

  • student success stories in classes, competitions, and sports

  • shared student and peer activities (i.e. testing, summer reading, SAT prep, etc.)

  • fictional expression (poetry, short stories, etc.)

  • artistic expression (comic strips, art contests, etc.)

Our Current Staff (2020-2021)

Senior Editors

Thara Balaji

Ritika Devarakonda

Ananya Goel

Ayana Hampton

Anirudh Koneru

Sarina Thapar

Club Adviser

Miss Leah Hoffman

English Teacher

Room 118

Writing Staff

Writing Staff 2020-2021