Welcome to

Miss Hoffman's English Class!

Greetings and salutations, students and parents!

I will be your English teacher for grades 10 and 12; this website has several things you will be able to glance at and double check as needed throughout the school year:

  • Class Syllabi/101s of the classroom

  • Summer Reading (updated each year under your class page)

  • Class Notes/Daily PowerPoints (just in case you're curious or were absent)

Important and Easy-Access Links

Google Classroom

Owl at Purdue MLA, APA, etc. Resources

NOTE: THE SUMMER PROMPTS AND WEBSITE INFORMATION HAVE BEEN POSTED AS OF 6/26/2020! Please see the assignments under the "Summer Reading" tab

About Miss Hoffman

Contact Information:

  • Email: HoffmanL@mcvts.net

  • Can be reached between 8 AM-10 PM, Monday-Friday (weekends for emergencies only)

Education History:

  • English Education, B.A. from University of Delaware (class of 2011)

  • Learning, Cognition and Development, Masters from Rutgers University (class of 2020)

  • A.P. Literature and Composition certification from College Board AP Central (2016, 2020)

  • Worked at MCVTS for 7 years

Fun Facts:

  • Morning high point is reading the "Word of the Day" email from Merriam Webster's Online Dictionary

  • Favorite ELA genre is satire/comedy (Good Omens and all Terry Pratchett novels are my favorites; "How it Should Have Ended" on YouTube is also my favorite)

  • Obsessed with appropriate MLA and APA formatting (order and organization are my aspirations)

  • Is an avid reader of the classics and modern texts (comic books and graphic novels included; one does not simply say no to "Manga Classics: Pride and Prejudice")