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Students should sign in each day by completing the Remote Learning Attendance Check-In form. This can be done by clicking the red Attendance Form button below. A new link will be added to the site each day.

Please submit your attendance by 11:00am

Video Updates

Graded Learning Environment

Learning Expectations

It is a great day to be a Junior Potter and with that comes the POTTER Way! Following these principles will help you get the most out of your remote learning experience. Thank you for giving this new format your best shot!

Daily Assignments

Teachers will be using a variety of different platforms to connect with students. To help you keep track of what is being assigned, each team will provide a summary of what they are asking their students to do and when it should be completed. Click your child's team below to connect to this resource.

Grading Procedures

Graded Learning Environment

7th - 8th grades: report cards will have traditional grades, with a Pass/Incomplete option.

● Traditional grades earned for the 4th quarter must be at or above the 3rd quarter letter grade for the student to receive the traditional grade on their report card.

● If the 4th quarter grade is lower than the 3rd quarter letter grade on the report card, but passing (70% or above), the student will receive a “P” or Pass on their report card.

● If the 4th quarter grade is not passing (69% or lower) the student will receive an “I” or Incomplete for that course on the 4th quarter report card. An Evidence of Essential Content plan will be created for the student which identifies the Essential Content needed to be completed, possibly during the summer months.

Student Resources

Daily Organizer

Use this checklist daily to help you stay organized during our distance learning days

Sleep Guide

This brochure has tips on how to catch quality sleep so you can feel ready for the day

Movement Break

Take a break at least once an hour by making some time for movement. For at least 5 min. draw cards from a deck and complete each challenge!

Google Meet Tips

Click here to access an infographic with some good tips on how to get the most out of Google Meet sessions


  • Teachers will have office hours from 8:00-3:00

  • They may be unavailable to answer emails during collaboration time from 9:15-10:00 and 1:45-2:30

  • Lunch will be from 12-12:30

  • Teachers will push out assignments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. You will not receive any new work on Wednesdays.

Technology Support

The link below will take you to a site set up by our technology integration specialist. From this site you can get information on how to add apps, connect to the wifi, etc. The site also has a place where you can fill out a request for assistance with specific questions.

MJHS Connects

Students are encouraged to stay connected with their MJHS family during this time. To help facilitate this, each day an activity will be posted on the Leadership Academy/MJHS Connects Google Classroom.

#MJHSConnects Day 2 - Our Pets

Student Counseling Requests

If a student would like to have one of the school counselor's reach out to them, they are welcome to make a request by filling out the form linked in the button below.

Additional Resources

It is ok to not have all of the answers! These are unprecedented times and there is a lot for us all to learn. Below are some resources that may help serve as guides while we are on this journey.

Daily Tips from the Child Mind Institute

Every day, the Child Mind Institute will publish a video and social tile with a tip for supporting families through the coronavirus crisis. You can check out the daily tip by watching to video to the left or by clicking this link which will connect you with all of the resources they have available.

Contact us with your questions

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Assistant Principal and AD