Distance Learning Resources

The purpose of this Google Site is to provide some resources that will be useful in the event that we need to use eLearning days. The site will continue to be updated as new resources become available. As always, please reach out to Don Sturm if you have specific questions or needs regarding any of these resources.

Take a look at this video for a brief introduction to eLearning.

#709DistanceLearning Qs and Answers

Delivering Content

The first step is to decide how you will deliver the content for your classes. The two most common are Seesaw and Google Classroom. Each is briefly covered below as well as some resources for each.

Seesaw - The videos below will help you to gain a broad understanding of using Seesaw as an eLearning delivery platform.

Home Learning Codes.mp4

**New** Seesaw Home Learning Codes

This is a new addition to Seesaw allowing for users of class QR codes to be bale to work at home. It is important to note that these codes only allow students to see their work.

Making eLearning More Engaging

Google Meet.mp4

Google Meet

Google Meet provides a way to record your screen and connect with others.

Help Page

New Google Meet Room Restrictions- webinar 4-15-20


Flipgrid is a video response app that allows for student to student and teacher to student interaction.



Edpuzzle is a service that allows for teachers to record videos and provide stopping points for student to provide answers to teacher developed questions.

Click here for full access.

Help Center

**New Editing Features**

Screencastify (1).mp4

Screencastify is a screen recording service that allows teachers to record video lessons.


How to Use Video to Master Distance Learning

Parlay (1).mp4

Parlay is a new service that allows for online discussions. It tracks the number of times that students engage and with whom they engage.

It is important to not get overwhelmed when implementing this "new" way of teaching. When you are feeling comfortable or need some other ideas, take a look at the extra resources below.