Middlebury Community Schools


Northridge Middle School and Northridge High School will be all virtual until January 19.

Virtual learning is different than eLearning. The instructional day will mirror their day as if attending in person including instructional time and schedules. Please see the links below for the student expectations for virtual learning that have been outlined by each school's administration

eLearning templates are not used for virtual learning. The links below are closed.

eLearning Day

  • Compact Day - Purposeful lessons are given but in a more compact fashion

  • Student's can expect lessons to fall within the range of time outlined for their grade level. (See the K-8 and 9-12 plans for specific amounts)

Virtual Day

  • Student day runs as a normal length of day.

  • High School and middle school students will follow their schedule and join their courses via a Google Meet at the class times outlined for that particular day by their administration