Grades 5 and 6

Courses for Students CURRENTLY in Grades 5&6

5601-ACT Act, Act, Act Expert!

Do you know what it takes to be an actor or to put a show together? Discover fundamentals of acting, character development, readers’ theater, stage and character movement, as well as delivery of lines. Also, learn improvisation, the technique used to start the careers of many comedy actors!

5602-ARCH Architecture

Children with dreams of designing buildings will discover how architects work in this class. Learn about an architect's for main drawings: the Site plan, Floor plan, Sections and Elevation- including the concept of drawing each plan to scale.

5603-CELL Cell Photography 101

Looking to learn how to improve your photography skills. Taking Photography 101 will help you develop your skills and understanding of what makes a good photograph. Learn about the newest trends in photography and how cameras work. Along with taking pictures, we will be working on editing our photos using free photography editing apps available to all phone brands. (A smart phone is required for this class)

5604-CHEM Chemistry

Work in the science lab daily, collect data, observe and test various chemical reactions, and make gold-plated pennies. OPTIONAL: Bring a white T-shirt for a special project we’ll work on during the second week of class.

5605-COOK Cooking Basics

Ready to take on more of a challenge in the kitchen than just opening a box of cereal for a meal. How about French toast, pancakes, grilled cheese, plus a few other basics that will help you get rid of the cereal box. Learn how to read a recipe, set a table, and understand the nutritional information on the end of that box of cereal.

5606-DISS Dissection

Explore the anatomies of both invertebrate and vertebrate animals, including the pig and frog and more!! Dissect pig’s eyes and hearts. Practice the laboratory techniques of dissection in this class.

5607-ENG Engineering Expert

Come explore the world of engineering! You will follow the steps used by engineers to design, build, and improve your inventions. Use your imagination and creativity to construct a skyscraper, a catapult, a raft and more!

5608-FIT Fit and Fun Activities Experts (Theme based Games)

Kids will get to play activities that are typically video/board game or movie based that get them active. Possible opportunity for students to "level up" activities by working in groups to create an additional level/challenge to games learned throughout the class. Tennis shoes required!

5609-FS Forensic Science

Become a crime scene investigator! Recreate the work of forensic scientists through activities including fingerprinting, handwriting analysis, and solving crime mysteries! Then students will role-play attorneys, defendants, witnesses, jury members, and courtroom personnel, as they delve into criminal and civil cases while learning about our court system.

5610-HP Harry Potter

Upon arrival Monday, you'll be "sorted" into houses and whisked away to the magical world of Harry Potter. We will discuss the most magical sentences of the Harry Potter books written by J.K. Rowling. Along with an old-fashioned game of Quidditch and on the last day of class wear your favorite character's garb. Oculus Reparo!!

5611-LEGO Lego Design

Your child and a buddy will work together to plan and build using LEGO® bricks, letting their creativity and imaginations loose. Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work.​​

5612-MAKE Making It Experts!

From the hostess of Project Runway, comes a new opportunity for crafters or wannabes to test their creativity! Challenges include recycling materials to create games, creating new family heirlooms, building toys for children and animals to donate and design holiday accessories and attire. Come try something new.

5613-PAGE Page to Stage

Scripts, costumes, scenery and more! Bring the curtain up on story making, character building, scenery creation, prop making and well...everything need to make a play. This class will conclude with the performance of a short play that the class creates from page to stage.

5614-TIE Tie-Dye-A-Palooza Experts

Attention, boys and girls! You own it, we’ll dye it! Use camouflage and neon dyes to change boring t-shirts and socks into the latest fashions! In this class, you will learn many different techniques to dye clothes—or anything you own!

5615-WEB Website Design

Sharpen your digital tech skills in this class as we build and update the official Muscatine C4K website. Have fun using website software to design layouts with text, images and video for the C4K site as well as create your own personal website. Photography and video taping included. Coding is not included.

5716-Yoga Yoga 2 Methods

Explore a world filled with fun practices designed to make you stronger and more flexible, both physically and mentally. Students will learn postures through storytelling, positive affirmations, creative visualizations and most of all fun! Yoga for kids is a perfect method for developing physical, social and mental well being.

5717-ZOM Zombie STEM Camp

Use Science, Technology, Engineering and Math to rise above the Zombies! Students will learn how to apply practical skills like shelter building, fire safety, team building and renewable energy sources, navigation and more to survive a Zombie invasion.