Grades 3 and 4

​Courses for Students CURRENTLY in Grades 3 & 4

3401-ACT Act, Act, Act!

Discover the fascinating world of theater in this activity-oriented workshop. The course includes improvisation, pantomime, voice development, stage etiquette, readers’ theater, and basic play production. You will increase your ability to imagine, respond, and develop both body and vocal expression in an open environment, while promoting self-confidence.

3402-CUL Culinary Cooking

From Soups to sandwiches, this camp is filled with delicious recipes and important skill lessons for young culinarians. There will be lessons about food and cookery, sprinkled with tidbits of nutritional information to fill each session. You'll work, eat and laugh. Your teacher will guide you down the path to many culinary discoveries.

3403-DIS Discover Insects

Discover the world of insects through literature and discussion, along with many hands on activities. Create a book about insects and construct a new insect species in its new habitat.

3404-ENG Engineering

Come explore the world of engineering! You will follow the steps used by engineers to design, build, and improve your inventions. Use your imagination and creativity to construct a skyscraper, a catapult, a raft and more!

3405-FIT Fitness Revolution

Kids will get to play activities that are typically video/board games or movie based that get them active. Possible opportunities for students to "level up" activities by working in groups to create an additional level/challenge to games learned throughout the class. Tennis shoes required!

3406-FULL Full Steam AHEAD

Do you like to draw, design, build, tinker, investigate and experiment? Then Full STEAM Ahead is for you! In Full STEAM Ahead you will experience the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. You will create your own investigations and collaborate to design solutions to tackle engineering challenges. Build roller coasters and catapults, experiment with kitchen chemistry, learn about coding a computer and much, much more!

3407-GOO Gooey, Gross, Messy Science

Learn about biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics through hands on science activities such as “Hungry Fungus”, “Erupting Color”, “Glob”, and “Crystal Ink.

3408-LEGO Lego Design

Your child and a buddy will work together to plan and build using LEGO® bricks, letting their creativity and imaginations loose. Along the way, they learn science and engineering concepts, such as how pulleys, levers and motors work.

3409-Mak Making It

From the hostess of Project Runway, comes a new opportunity for crafters or wannabes to test their creativity! Challenges include recycling materials to create games, creating new family heirlooms, building toys for children and animals to donate and design holiday accessories and attire. Come try something new.

3410-MINE Minecraft

This class explores the techniques used to excel in the Minecraft game. Create and build a functioning community within this educational game.

3411-MYST Mystery Festival

Students will learn about a crime, observe a "crime scene", then conduct crime lab tests on the evidence, analyze the results, and try to solve the mystery. Crime lab tests include thread tests, powder tests, chromatography, fingerprinting, and many more. At the end of the course, students will have either prosecute or defend suspects in a court hearing.

3412-OR Origami! Welcome to the Fold

Learn the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. Make a variety of animals, planes and other cool objects. No glue, no tape, no scissors – just paper, your hands, and your imagination. We will finish by reading Sadako and a Thousand Paper Cranes and making cranes of all sizes.

3413-SPAN Spanish: Fun, Fast & Friendly

Learn Spanish the fun way! Games, projects, and activities will keep you on your toes. Amaze your friends and family with how much you learn in a short time! Can’t wait! Te esperamos! See you there!

3414-STAR Star Wars

Do you hear Darth Vader's Imperial March theme a lot at your house? If so, this class is for you, Star Wars fan. Grab your lightsaber! or if all else fails, use the force! Make an X-Wing Starfighter out of office supplies, build a galaxy with your fellow Jedis. Learn the history of all the episodes and become one with the force. As the famous Yoda says, "Do or do not. There is no try."

3415-TIE Tie-Dye-A-Palooza

Attention, boys and girls! You own it, we’ll dye it! Use camouflage and neon dyes to change boring t-shirts and socks into the latest fashions! In this class, you will learn many different techniques to dye clothes—or anything you own!

3416-Yoga 1

Students will gain awareness of their mind, body, and soul through learning yoga (body), mediation (mind) and mindfulness (soul) techniques. Being able to deal with stress, pressure, and anxiety helps all students achieve in the classroom.