Each unit of study will provide you with opportunities to complete side missions. These missions will help you earn XP to buy power ups that give you, your squad, and your syndicate an advantage over others.

Kick It Up a Notch

Research an historical recipe from the current period of study. Include the following information:

  • Where the recipe originated from (ie. Europe, Africa, America)
  • What type of people ate the dish
  • What the ingredients are
  • Cooking instructions

XP: 300

Chefs: 600

A Day in the Life

Create a narrative of a person's life during the period of current study. The narrative should capture the person's experiences as well as speak to some of the major events that would have happened during the time period. Choose one of the following:

  • One-page written narrative of a day in that person's life
  • Six-panel cartoon of a day in that person's life
  • Two-minute video narrative of a day in that person's life

XP: 500

There Be Dragons

Research an important land discovery or exploration that took place during the current period of study that includes the following information:

  • People involved
  • Area discovered
  • Dangers faced
  • Impact of the discovery/exploration

Film a recreation of the discovery. Each person involved in the filming will get XP.

XP: 800

Scouts: 1600

I Fought the Law

Research an important Supreme Court case (or other legal precedent) that occurred during the current period of study. Side quest must include the following information:

  • What event happened that led to the case (background)
  • Details of the actual court case
  • Decision of the court
  • Impact of the case on the US

Use your research from above to create an Adobe Spark video about the case.

XP: 600

Lawyers: 1200

Art of War

Research the development of a new weapon type or military strategy that was introduced during the current historical period. Include the following information:

  • Who invented the weapon/strategy
  • How it was used
  • Impact on the battlefield
  • Impact on US history
  • Include many images such as diagrams, blueprints, and how it's used in action.

Use the information from above to complete one of the following side quests:

  1. Film a historical reenactment of the military strategy/weapon in use. You may need to recruit friends to help you film the movie. Each person involved will receive XP.

XP: 600

Soldiers: 1200

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Research an important medical innovation that was developed during the current period of study, including:

  • Who developed the innovation
  • Why the innovation was needed
  • Who it helped
  • How was it developed
  • What was the impact on the medical field
  • Many images

Create an Adobe Spark page with all of the information. Be sure to include many images in your page.

XP: 500

Medics: 1000

History Podcast

Use a sound recording/editing tool to create an historical podcast. The podcast should feature interviews with important people and discussions about important events from the period we are currently studying.

XP: ???

Bumper Sticker

Create a bumper sticker that represents a person, movement, event, or some other historical aspect of the period we are studying. The bumper sticker should contain both an interesting (but short) text and images that represent the topic.

XP: 300

I Approve This Message

Create a one-minute video campaign commercial for a person from the period we are currently studying. The person does NOT need to be a politician. In fact, it would be even more interesting to create a campaign commercial for a person who is NOT a politician. You can use your phone and/or an editing tool like iMovie.

XP: 600

Politicians: 1200

Road Trip

Research a transportation innovation that happened in the current period of study and create a 1-2 minute screencast describing the invention and/or use of this new technology. Be sure to include information:

  • Inventor
  • Materials used
  • Impact on society
  • Many images and/or gifs

XP: 800

Mechanics: 1600

Campaign Poster

Create a political campaign poster for a person from the period we are currently studying. The poster should include:

  • A catch phrase
  • Examples/images of why the person should be elected
  • What position the person is running for
  • Year
  • Running mate

XP: 500

Politicians: 1000

Interactive Map

Create a Google My Map that represents the major events/locations of the period we are currently studying. The map should have:

  • At least ten major locations
  • Images that represent each location
  • Text that explain what happened there and why it was important
  • A custom icon that represents that location/event

XP: 600

Scouts: 1200

Twitter Challenge

Take a picture or video of something that you see that ties into the current period of study. This can be from anything you read, television shows, or something out in the world. Make sure to explain how it ties into our curriculum in the tweet! Don't forget to tag Mr. Koz (@mrkoz31) in the tweet so he can see it!

XP: 300

Historical Minecraft

Use Minecraft to recreate a major historical location, event, or movement. Be sure to include as many details as possible to boost your XP. Take a screencast or film your character exploring the world you created and explaining the various locations.

XP: ???

In a World Where...

Create a short trailer for either the current period or a major event in the period that you think would make a great Hollywood movie. You can use any video recording tool you like but iMovie has pre-made trailer templates that make it really easy to create one.

XP: 1000

To Protect and Serve

Research an important innovation or event in law enforcement that occurred during the current unit of study. Include the following information:

  • Inventor's background
  • Purpose and uses of invention
  • Impact on law enforcement and society
  • Criticisms of the invention

Use the information above to create an Adobe Spark video or page about the innovation/event.

XP: 600

Police Officers: 1200

I'm a Model

Create a physical model of an important building, city, invention, location, event, or other item from the period we are currently studying.

XP: 800

Engineers: 1600

Tweet That

Create a fake tweet using this tool. The tweet should talk about a major event, movement, or idea that happened during the period we are currently studying.

XP: 300

Facebook is for Old People

Create a fake Facebook conversation between two or more people or groups from the current historical period of study. The conversation should revolve around major events, movements, themes, or ideas that were happening at the time. Make sure the profile pictures and dates are accurate!! See this example for ideas. There should be at least 10 interactions between the people/groups in your product.

XP: 600

TV Show Theme Song

Rewrite the lyrics for a television theme song using an event or topic from the current unit. Double XP if you actually record the lyrics over an instrumental of the theme song. Triple XP if you video record yourself performing the theme song.

Lyrics: 400 XP

Recording: 800 XP

Performing: 1200 XP

Baseball Card Set

Create a set of eight baseball cards that represent important people, events, or locations from the current period of study.

Use this Trading Card Creator to make your cards. Be careful, the cards do not automatically save to your computer so make sure you have saved a copy of the file to your hard drive if you wish to continue working on your set.

XP: 1600