Students have the choice between three pathways within this program: (programming) , Networking and Cybersecurity Pathway. Each one culminates with the option of taking the Cybersecurity Capstone course. (Programming)

The pathway prepares students for further study and careers in the field of Computer Science.  This program helps to develop a student's computational and critical thinking skills and prepare them to create new technologies.  This fundamental knowledge in Computer Science prepares them for the 21st century workplace, regardless of their ultimate field of study or occupation.  Some of the topics that may be included in Computer Science courses include:  algorithms, data analysis, modeling, problem-solving, creating and manipulating graphics, coding or programming (including application or game design), security, web design, human-computer interaction, robotics and ethical issues.  

Network Operations

Network Operations is an exciting course, preparing students for college information systems majors and promising technical industry certifications. In this course, students explore new technologies in PC hardware and operation systems, as well as computer networking. Students have the opportunity to earn CompTIA A+ and Network + certification, which are entry level, industry standard certifications. Students gain theoretical and practical skills and knowledge, and are able to put those skills to use in entrepreneurial experiences and community service projects. 

Cybersecurity sequence of courses and capstone

The Cybersecurity Pathway and Capstonecourse is designed to prepare students for a challenging and rewarding career in the Cybersecurity industry.  Training the workforce for Cybersecurity employment is a national priority with global demand expected to continue to rise.  The course curriculum is based on Cisco Networking Academy and CompTIA national models and includes opportunities for challenging industry credentials. 

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