Laytonsville ES

Media Center

Hours - 9:10 a.m - 4:00 p.m.

Summer e-books This collection will help families know how to access eContent over the summer

Destiny Library Catalog - Click on this link to access our school library catalog.

Capstone ebooks- students can read over 100 nonfiction ebooks!

Laytonsville ES Media Center has an open book exchange policy. Students may exchange books every day during the instructional day with teacher permission.

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Lori Miller - Media Specialist

Effie Frankowski - Media Assistant


Our mission is to ensure that all students and staff are effective users of ideas and information and to foster a love for reading.

Circulation Procedures

Kindergarten students may checkout 2 books at a time. These books are checked out for a one week period.

Grades 1-2 may checkout 2 books at a time or one book and one magazine.

Grades 3-5 may checkout 3 books at a time or 2 books and 1 magazine.

All books are checked out for a two week period.

We go over book care responsibility at the beginning of school and review it throughout the year and emphasize the importance of taking care of library materials.

Lost Library Materials

If a students loses a book or magazine or returns a book or magazine to us in a damaged condition, we expect the student to pay for the material. If at any time the item is found, we will gladly refund the money.