This year, you can earn an instrumental music award at the end of the school year! You can do this by completing five of the following items. Be sure to turn your list in to Mrs. Branch during your lesson the week of May 11, 2020!

1) Take private lessons on an instrument.

2) Take piano lessons.

3) Earn an "A" on both instrumental music measurement topics on your 2nd and 3rd quarter report cards.

4) Participate in both the winter and spring instrumental music concerts at your school.

5) Write a one-page essay on a classical music concert you attended in person or watched on the internet.

6) Perform a concert for your family.

7) Participate in the chorus at your school, church, synagogue, or temple.

8) Remember your instrument for every lesson.

9) Practice 60 minutes (or more) every week until your lesson the week of May 11.