MCPS Wednesday Challenges

We have four winners this week!

Next Week (May 17-21) will be our last week of winners!

Thank you to those of you that participated in the MCPS Wednesday Challenge!

May 14, 2021 Update:

We have 8 winners this week!

How can I win?

Keep trying by completing the weekly challenges and completing the google form.

Click on the video to check out this week's winners!


Welcome Parents and Students to the MCPS Wednesday Resources website!

New challenges are posted every TUESDAY!

The goal of this website is to provide you resources and activities to do independently for the week and especially on Wednesdays when you are learning from home.

Also, please make sure you have completed your Wednesday attendance form in your teacher's Google Classroom!


  • 4 clocks

  • 4 lava lamps

  • 4 plasma balls

  • 4 wireless speakers

  • 4 wireless headphones

  • 4 wireless earbuds

  • 3 LED light strips

  • 3 Goodmitten games

  • 3 packs of glow stars

  • Stary Sky Light

  • 4 Hydroflasks

You could win a prize!

We will be drawing up to 4 names each week beginning in the 4th 9 Weeks. Each week that you participate, your name will be entered into a name generator.

On Wednesdays, we will choose a prize and draw a name!

Prizes will be delivered to your home school.

Drawings begin the week of March 22-26th

We will post winner names on this website each Wednesday. Check back with us each week.

Thank you to the Montgomery County Education Foundation!

Prizes made possible by the Montgomery County Education Foundation

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