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About your librarian ...

Ms. Moore has been the librarian at CES since 2013.

She graduated from the University of Virginia with a BA in Psychology and from Longwood University with an MS in Education and a concentration in School Library Media.

Ms. Moore is also the coach of the CMS volleyball team and she plays on a couple of adult teams in her spare time.

Ms. Moore lives in Roanoke and she enjoys listening to autobooks and podcasts on her commute to and from CES.

She has a dog, Jack, and a cat, Kotka. Both are girls. Ms. Moore adopted Jack in 2005 when she was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Bulgaria and brought her back to Virginia when she completed her service in 2006. Kotka's name is Bulgarian for "cat" and she joined the family in 2016. It took a while but Jack and Kotka now get along great, with the occasional chase here and there.