MCPASD Induction Program

In the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District, ensuring that new teachers are supported from day one is a top priority. Research by Richard Ingersoll from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that high-quality teacher induction programs can advance teaching practice and teacher retention. Mentoring new teachers with talented experienced teachers is the best way to ensure that novice educators quickly develop the skills they need to reach the needs of all students and ensure they are successful. A strong induction program fosters a collaborative culture and teacher leadership. Being mentored during the first two years of their careers allows new teachers the opportunity to build autonomy as a practitioner, with the support of a trusted colleague.

Program Mission

The mission of the Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District New Teacher Induction Program is to create the conditions that promote teacher success to maximize student learning.

Program Objectives

  • Create a culture where collaboration, thoughtful examination of teacher practice, and honest reflection on student learning are common
  • Build capacity by creating autonomous self-reflective teachers
  • Improve and accelerate the effectiveness of teachers
  • Develop personal habits of mind to improve teacher practice
  • Ensure increased student engagement and academic achievement

What is Teacher Induction?

  • A phase of teacher development
  • A period of socialization and enculturation
  • A formal support program for beginning teachers

The Purpose of Induction

  • Improve student learning
  • Accelerate new teacher effectiveness
  • Enhance teacher retention
  • Strengthen teacher leadership
  • Foster professional norms of collaboration and ongoing learning