What is PBIS?

PBIS is a systematic approach to proactively teach positive school-wide behaviors and expectations. It focuses on improving positive behaviors and developing self-discipline in all students and works to recognize the positive contributions of students and staff on our school community. The PBIS program increases instructional time, improves safety, decreases problem behaviors, and establishes a positive school culture.

At Glacier Creek, the 3E Guidelines for Success lay the foundation for student expectations in all school settings. Students and staff are expected to Respect Everyone, Respect Education, and Respect the Environment. This is the Saber Way.

PBIS in Action: The Saber Way

Here are some examples of following the Saber Way:

* Being on time to class

* Staying to the right in the hallway

* Being respectful of others

* Having all materials for class

What does PBIS look like at GCMS?

PBIS establishes common routines and uniform language that is used throughout the building. This allows students to know what is expected of them no matter the area of the building they are in or who the teacher is. Each space in our school has posted expectations in the form of a matrix that outlines the 3E's.

Students are explicitly taught these expectations during short lessons in ELT on Wednesdays. Students are retaught these lessons based on staff feedback and data about problem behaviors and/or areas of our school.

PBIS Tier 2

Tier 2 PBIS is the second level of the PBIS program. The Tier 2 team uses data and information from staff to identify, discuss, and develop a plan for small group or individual students who are struggling to follow the school-wide rules and expectations. Interventions may include two by 10’s, check-in/check-out, small group booster lessons, and/or individual meetings. Tier 2 works to provide supports that allow struggling students to function in the school community with additional targeted supports.

Building School Culture

Every Wednesday is "Wear Green Wednesday". A chance for students and staff to show off their Sabercat pride by wearing GCMS apparel or green clothing.

Positive Motivations

Part of the PBIS program includes recognizing students for their positive behaviors. Some examples of these incentives and acknowledgements include: positive referral post cards and/or calls home, all school assemblies, school wide celebration days, sitting in a teacher’s chair, jumping ahead to the front of the lunch line, dismissal to lunch early, and bringing a friend to ELT. Students are also asked to nominate staff members for positive recognition. Nomination forms can be filled out and turned in during lunch periods.

GCMS PBIS Mission Statement

The Glacier Creek community will respect education, the environment, and everyone.

2017-2018 Goal

The PBIS program will work to build positive and respectful relationships between Glacier Creek students and staff through repeated reinforcement of consistent expectations, language and procedures.

How Can I Learn More about the PBIS program?

Ask a member of our teams!

*Denotes internal PBIS coach

Tier 1 PBIS team:

*Mr. Ashe *Mrs. Ebben Ms. Wasmund Ms. Aspeslet Mrs. Johnson

Ms. Cree Ms. Noak Ms. O'Brien Ms. Young Mr. Metz Ms. Fisher

Tier 2 PBIS team:

*Mr. Ashe *Mrs. Dussliere-Corcoran Ms. Groth Ms. Gomez Ms. Young

Ms. Sanders-Schenck Mr. Metz Ms. Sharrow Ms. Copeland

Ms. Von Bergen Mr. Adams

At GCMS. . .We Believe in EVERY Student