Class Overview

Overview of World Studies

In 8th grade world studies the focus is on geography, current issues, and the elements of culture (government, economy, food, technology, language, arts/crafts, family life and religion). In addition to units on map basics, physical geography and cultural geography, other regional units to be explored will include...

  • Latin America (Middle and South America)
  • Russia and Eurasia
  • East Asia
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia
  • Southwest Asia (Middle East)
  • Africa
  • Australia and Oceania

Content and material covered in 8th grade social studies is often the first time students are exposed to these areas of the world. Students are encouraged to embrace what is unfamiliar and hopefully it makes the subject matter more enticing to learn. It never gets old hearing students say, "I never knew Georgia or Kazakhstan were countries!"

Assignments and Tests/Evaluations

The amount and type of assignments vary by unit. Early units will focus more on skills such as interpreting data from maps, charts, or graphs as well as being able to use an atlas. The Themes of Geography and the Elements of Culture will be introduced early in the year and then reinforced throughout each unit. This will be done through writing, reflection, and applying concepts to each student's life. As we begin studying the regions of the world, assignment focus will shift to include the "key questions" and "essential questions" that coincide with the content covered.

Tests or evaluations will be presented in a variety of ways. Examples of evaluation formats include, but not limited to, a skills test using the atlas to interpret data and other information; essay on the Themes; reflection and application of the elements to one's personal life; and research of an African country. Generally, students will know several days in advance when an evaluation or test will occur.


Students have access to an atlas in class. If needed, an atlas may be checked out overnight. There is a designated location for the sign-out process.

Online Textbook

Students have access to a hard copy of the textbook in class. The online textbook may be used at home. If a student prefers, a textbook may be checked out overnight. There is a designated location for the sign-out process.

Please read these directions first...

  • Please do not create a new login
  • Please do not use your KMS login
  • Please do not use the "Find a Book" option
  • Please note that if you are receiving the message that the textbook needs the activation code, you are on the wrong textbook

After reading the directions above, click on the textbook link below...

  • Username: textbook8r (I know we're 8W, but it works)
  • Password: password


  • Folder
  • Pens and pencils
  • Some loose-leaf paper
  • 24-pack of colored pencils