McLaren Oakland

Family Medicine Program

OUR MISSION is to educate Family Physicians to become leaders in Family Medicine and Community Health, and to serve our diverse urban community.

OUR VISION is to be an educational center of excellence for family physicians who are competent in caring for people of diverse cultures, committed to serving their community, and capable of practicing in a wide variety of settings.

OUR VALUES guide and inspire us to do our best as we provide care and medical education. These values include:

Excellence in Medical Care. We provide care that is based on the best medical knowledge and evidence.

Dignity and Compassion. We create a community of healing to care for our patients and nourish our coworkers.

Whole Person. We promote health and healing that addresses body, mind, spirit, family and community.

Cultural Respect. We provide care that is responsive to people’s unique cultural characteristics such as race, ethnicity, national origin, language, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation, and physical disability.

Health of All. We value healthy people, families, and communities. We work to optimize the health of all people and to eliminate health disparities.

Physician Wellness. We embrace healthy living for our residents.

Scope of Training

The goal of the family medicine program is to produce fully competent physicians, capable of providing high quality care to their patients.

Family medicine residency programs should provide opportunity for the residents to learn in multiple settings (e.g., hospital, ambulatory settings, emergency rooms, home and long-term care facilities), those skills and procedures that are within the scope of family medicine. Residencies should prepare residents for lifelong learning.

Graduate Medical Education

McLaren Oakland's Department of Graduate Medical Education stands by its mission to provide residents the skills, knowledge and aptitudes that they need to provide patients safe, high value, and cost conscientious care in the primary and specialty health care services. Founded in 1953, McLaren Oakland has expanded to over 328 beds and multiple satellite facilities; including over 300 teaching faculty committed to educating our residents. McLaren Oakland has a very robust community of medical students, residents and physicians who work closely with interdisciplinary teams to integrate the values of integrity, excellence, diversity and intelligence in order to serve the patients and families in our community.