The Last Video

Week of May 29th, 2018

Well kids, here it is, the last assignment for the year. Click the link HERE and watch the video. Be sure to leave questions and/or comments for me at the end.

ShareFest 2018 Is Here!

Week of May 14th

Hello McGlone Music Makers! This has been a wonderful year for music making. You have had the chance to learn almost anything about music you wanted. Now it's time to share the results of our hard work in music class. We will sharing in small groups this week and next week. Groups will have about 4-5 people and each person in the group will take a turn sharing the music they made this year. Be sure to give the person sharing your complete attention. Listen carefully to their music and keep your mind open! When giving feedback remember to be polite and detailed. You will fill out a ShareFest Form for each person who shares at your table. When sharing your work be sure to speak aloud clearly and smile! Have fun sharing your work and watching/listening to each other's videos! I can't wait to see what the McGlone Music Makers have created.


1- Sit at tables in groups of 4-5 people.

2- The person who's birthday is closest to January 1st presents first. The presenter should have their Portfolio on their screen so everybody at the table can see it. Plug headphones into splitters so everyone at your table can hear the music.

On Screens:

  • The presenter has their Portfolio on screen
  • The rest of the table has the ShareFest Form on screen

3- Listen and watch carefully while filling out the ShareFest Form.

4- Choose one new thing you learned from a classmate and write about it on your Portfolio with the title: "What I Learned At ShareFest" This will be the final entry for the music page of your portfolio for this year!

ShareFest Is Coming!

Hey kids! Soon we will begin our McGlone Music Maker's ShareFest! You have two more weeks to continue learning, playing, and making music. You choose how by using a Music Choice or learning how to play an instrument in one of our Centers. Don't forget to follow all the steps you need to be successful when learning music. Make sure you post your music on your Portfolio. Finally, use this Checklist to ensure that your portfolio is ready to share soon!

Welcome Back from Spring Break!

Week of April 2nd

Rhythm Project

I hope you all had a wonderful break! This week in music we will be focusing on Rhythm. Your goal is to either echo or repeat a rhythm, perform a rhythm by reading it (Rhythm Bank), or create your own rhythm . You may use any Music Choice or Center to complete this task! As always, make a video of you rhythm and post it to your Portfolio. Don't forget to add a sentence or two about your video: "I chose this rhythm because..." "In my video I played a ____________________________..."

Music Madness In March!

Week of March 12, 2018

If you are finished with your Cartoon Composing project, then you may do choices or centers this week! We have some cool new ways to learn and play music on the Music Choices page.

If you are NOT finished with your Cartoon Composing project, scroll down to see what steps you need to finish.

Don't forget to follow the Step By Step and post your learning to your Portfolio.

We Get To Watch Cartoons!

Week of March 5th

Time to watch our Cartoon Composing Project videos! After watching a classmate's video you will give them some feedback. We will explain how musical elements such as Dynamics and Tempo helped to tell or enhance the story of the video.

Follow these steps to complete your feedback:

  1. Double check that your Cartoon Composing Project is on your Portfolio
  2. Find a classmates portfolio on the Portfolio List
  3. Go to their Music Page
  4. Read their Cartoon Composition Planner
  5. Watch and listen carefully to their cartoon
  6. Click the Flipgrid plus sign below to give your feedback,
      1. Say your name and the name of your classmate, "Hi my name is Stephen, and I watched TJ's cartoon."
      2. Explain what Dynamics you heard and how they enhanced the story. "The Dynamic level(s) I heard were____________, they help tell the story because_________________________."
      3. Explain what Tempo you heard and how it matched the story. "The Tempo I heard was ______________, it did or did not match the story because _________________________."
      4. Explain any addition thoughts or opinions. Be sure to detailed and respectful when you give feedback.
        • The thing I liked the most about this video was...
        • (Student Name) should be proud of their work because...
        • Great use of (instrument name), it was perfect for this video because...
        • I could tell the character was ____________________, because I heard __________________...

Not sure how to get started?

Click Here

Cartoon Composing Continued...

Week of February 19th and February 26th

This week you will continue working on your Cartoon Composing project.

You need to have these two items posted on your Portfolio to be finished.

  1. Your completed Cartoon Composing Planner
  2. Your completed video with original recording

Steps to Finish Strong!!

  • Plan well! Make sure your planner is complete and thoughtful.
  • Practice through your video at least TEN times!
  • Watch recording tutorials carefully. WeVideo - Screencastify
  • 1 person at a time in the recording area, be ready to hit record, 2 minute max!

Here is a great Cartoon Composition from one of your classmates!

Feb 14, 2018 12:56 PM.webm

Cartoon Composing!

Week of February 5th- Cont. February 12th

Time for McGlone Music Makers to get creative! You will be creating and recording your own music to match a cartoon. You will need to match musically expressive elements such as pitch, dynamics, and tempo to things happening in your video clip. The 2018 Winter Olympics begin this month! I have selected six clips of the Pink Panther at the winter olympics for you to choose from. Check out this sample project recorded by students earlier this week.

What To Do:

  1. Choose your clip
  2. Plan your composition
  3. Sound Effect Instruments
  4. Practice Tips
  5. Record your music over your selected video clip:
  6. Post to your Portfolio
  7. FlipGrid Exit Ticket

Let's Learn A Song

Week of January 29th

McGlone Music Makers, yes you can! You can make music that sounds beautiful, as beautiful as you are! Last week we created our own bands in class. It was so much fun watching you all work together to join forces and come up with band names and jobs for each member of your band. This week, we need to agree on a song to perform.

How to choose a song:

Suggestions for choosing a song:

  • Let everyone add a song to the list
  • Take a vote
  • Find more choices
  • Mash-Up two songs
  • Is the song ok for school?
  • Does everyone have a job for that song?

Once your band has agreed on a song to learn, you need to start learning your part. Find your song on JamZone or search for a tutorial on YouTube.

Vocalist- Find lyrics, check for any bad language, begin singing along...

Instruments- Search, "How to play (insert song name) on the (insert instrument name)." What chords do you need to learn? What strumming pattern (beat)? Is there a melody on your instrument? Whats the beat like?

Digital Music- What music making tool would work best for this song? Incredibox, Remix Live, Chrome Music Lab, Soundtrap?

As always, make sure you get proof of your learning by posting a video to your Portfolio.

These "I can..../ Can you...?" posters are located in each center:) Ask yourself and classmates if you/they can do these things. Record your conversation and post to you Portfolio for a hidden surprise!

Let's Make A Band Part 2!

Week of January 22nd, Day 2

Wow guys! I am proud of the work you have done so far to form your own bands. Now that we know who is in our bands and what our jobs are, it's time to plan the songs you want to play and to figure out what you need to do to prepare for your first practice.

Working with your band, make a list of 3-5 possible songs that you want to learn. Then choose the song you are going to start with first. Next, tell me what you need to learn to be ready for your first practice. Post this information to your Portfolio.

Jan 24, 2018 8:21 AM.webm

Let's Make A Band!

Week of January 22nd

I am super excited about this week kids! Our goal is to create and perform with our first band! How will we do this?

1. Brain storming session on what makes a band, things we all agree on (rules).

2. Form band rosters and create band names.

3. Plan songs and performance.

Welcome Back and Happy 2018!

Week of January 8th

I hope your break was wonderful and that you all have fun spending time with family and friends.

Now, it is time to get back to the routine of life. Now's the time to focus on your major and what you need to do next to move forward. This week you have six options, you will choose one for day 1, and one for day 2. You ust complete your choice before starting in Centers.

  1. Explain the Centers Step by Step:
    • Create an overview or summary of the steps for centers. Be sure to explain all the steps in the correct order.
    • You can create this in any way you want: video, pictures, charts, drawings, posters, make a song, etc.

2. Explain why the Step by Step is so important to being successful in music class.

    • You can create this in any way you want: video, pictures, charts, drawings, posters, make a song, etc.

3. Step by Step Tutorial

    • Create a video tutorial on how to complete one of the steps.

4. Explain your major

    • Explain what your major is and why you chose it.
    • Complete in writing or by speaking in a video.

5. Express Yo' Self!

    • Check your portfolio for evidence of Expression. (Videos or recordings of you making music, through voice, instrument, or digital means.
    • If you DO NOT have any Expression, that is your next step!

6. Tell us about something musical you did over winter break.

    • Explain in a video about your musical experience over break.

Don't forget to post your work to your Portfolio when finished. Then you may begin in a Center.

Portfolio Shout Outs and Check Ins

Week of December 18th

This week before Winter break is a short one. Green and Orange groups will only have one day of music this week:( Thursday's after lunch classes will be combined in The Lab. *Hidden Activity* Complete a Portfolio Shout Out on Flipgrid!

In class this week we will start with a Portfolio Shout Out. Then, while you are in Centers I will call you up to do a Portfolio Check In.

Week of December 11th 2017

Alright folks! It's time to choose you major. This means, we will be choosing a path to focus on for the rest of the year. You may choose from these majors:

  • Instrumental Major
    • Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboard, Ukulele, Recorder, Orff Instruments
  • Vocal Major
  • Digital Music Major
    • Soundtrap, Garageband, Incredibox, and more...

Once you have made your decision please fill out the Music Maker Major Form. You will also need the link to your Portfolio.

When you are finished with the form, go to the center for your major and get started on your next lesson and video for your portfolio! Your goal during centers:

I can learn something new or practice something I know by using JamZone or and I will share my learning by posting to my Portfolio and presenting to classmates.

*Hidden Message*- Answer this question: What is step 4?

Centers Step By Step.pdf

Express Yo' Self!

Week of December 4th 2017

This week we will be focusing on Expression of music. This means performing something, either on an instrument or with your voice. We will use both centers and small groups this week. At the end of class we will take a moment to fill out the Centers Tracker.

Centers Goal:

  • I can learn something new or practice something I know by using JamZone or and I will share my learning by posting to my Portfolio and presenting to classmates.

Expression Goals:

  • I can perform music that sounds good.
  • I can sing and play instruments.
  • I can make music with others.
  • *Hidden Message* Tell Mr. Whitfield where you can find these goals posted in our room.

Small Group: Guitar Lesson- The Welcome Song

In our small groups this week we will be continuing our learning on guitar with a new chord and new song.

Welcome Song Slides

Welcome Song Jam Track

The Welcome Song

Music Routine Review and Centers

Week of November 27th 2017

Welcome back from Thanksgiving Break! I hope you all had a wonderful time with family and friends. This week we will be reviewing music room and centers routines. Routines are things we do the same everyday and they are a great way to make sure you are at your best!

I will be able to complete a full music class routine by focusing on one part and helping to create a Reminder Chart, so that my classmates and I can stay focused while learning in our great music room.

Example Reminder Chart

Day 2 - Centers Day

At the end of class you need to fill out the Centers Tracker!

Switching Chords

Week of November 13th 2017

This week we will be rocking out on guitar in small groups. You will be able to play the easy G and easy C chords on guitar and switch between them while playing along with a backing track. This will allow us to start learning 2 chord songs soon.

When you are not in the small group complete the Selfie Challenge! Take a selfie with your favorite instrument. Post it to your portfolio with writing on why it is your favorite instrument.

How Do You Learn Music?

Week of November 6th 2017

We all have different ways that we learn best. Today I want you to think about how you like to learn things. Go to this link and we will figure out which way you prefer to learn music!

Recorder Karate!

Week of October 16th

ABC, it's as easy as B-A-G!

This week your goal is to be able to play notes B, A, and G on the Recorder, by reading the notes on the Staff and explaining the fingerings to a classmate.

How to explain a recorder fingering.

How to play a "B"

How to play an "A"

How to play a "G"

Use these three notes to play the first song, "Hot Cross Buns". Directions on how to get your White Belt on the Recorder Dojo page.

Week of October 9th

I'm so excited to see you in music class this week because we are starting Recorder Karate! Your goal is to play some rhythm patterns on the first note "B" on the recorder. To earn your recorder you must complete the first part of your training!

Click HERE to begin part 1

Click HERE to begin part 2

When you are finished with part 2, go to the Recording Center and make a short video of your first note "B"!

For more training go to the Recorder Dojo

Hall Of The Mountain King

Listening With LEGO's

1- Click the video

2- Sign in using red Google button

3- Watch video and answer the questions

4-Build something using your LEGO set to represent the music you heard

Use this video ONLY IF you have already finished the Ed Puzzle and want to listen to "In the Hall of the Mountain King" again.

Understanding Your Effort Score

Click HERE to watch the video and answer three questions.

Get inspired with this example Music Portfolio

Click HERE.

Music with Form

Today, your task is to create a piece of music using either Soundtrap or Quaver's. This piece must have a certain form to it.

You can choose from these forms, or create your own!:) Make a screencast or download your music and paste the link to you Music Goal.

Watch this VIDEO

Some things to think about:

  • If you are creating your own form, you must have at least two (2) different sections.
  • Musicians typically think in even numbers. Make each section an even number of measures (4 or 8 are most common).
  • Title your music with your name and the form you chose. " Mr. Kittens ABBA"

Animal Jam! (No, not that one.)

First, choose one of these sixteen rhythm patterns to use for your Animal Jam. Be sure to speak your pattern aloud several times to make sure it is the pattern you want.

Rhythm Patterns 1-8

Rhythm Patterns 9-16

Next, use this Random Animal Picker to select an animal. Think about how your animal moves, sounds, and what your animal looks like. Use this information to pick your Dynamics (piano, forte, crescendo, and decrescendo) and Tempo (allegro or largo).

Once you have chosen your Dynamics and Tempo, practice first by speaking your pattern as an Ostinato at least eight times. Next, choose an instrument that you think best represents your animal.

Then, fill out this form to explain your choices and your Animal Jam.

Finally submit a recording (video) of your performance by providing a link on your Music Goal.

Apr 10, 2017 10:39 AM.webm

Check out this Animal Jam from Mya Bonner in 5th grade!