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Panther Habit Walk

Looking for a fun summer activity for the whole family right here in McComb?

Gather the family and go on our Panther Habit Walk!

The Panther Habit Walk is a fun activity for the whole family. Begin in front of the school and stroll down the outdoor paths on our campus to each special display. At each designated spot, sit and talk with your family about the chat starter. Don’t forget to stop at our Habit Walk Photowall and take a family picture when you finish the walk! The Panther Habit Walk will be available all summer!

Habit Minutes-Habit 1.mp4

Habit Minutes

Habit # 1 Be Proactive

Listen to what these kindergarten students have to say about habit #1.

Habit Minute-Habit #2.mp4

Habit #2 Begin with the End in Mind

These first graders know what is means to begin with the end in mind.

Habit Minute-Habit #3.mp4

Habit #3 Put First Things First

Our second graders were up to the challenge of putting first things first.


Habit #4 Think Win-Win

Everyone can win, when we think win-win!

Habit Minute #5.mp4

Habit #5 Seek First to Understand Then To Be Understood

Our fourth graders explain how to really listen!

Habit Minute-Habit #6.mp4

Habit #6 Synergize

Our fifth graders show us that together is better!

Habit Minute-Habit #7.mp4

Habit #7 Sharpen the Saw

Our sixth graders know that balance is best!

The 7 Habits of Happy Kids® Cartoons - K-2


Habit 1: Just the way I am

Habit 2: Goob and the bug-collecting kit

Habit 3: A place for everything

Habit 4: Sammy and the pecan pie

Habit 5: Lily’s missing red paint

Habit 6: Sophie and the perfect poem

Habit 7: Junk food jumper

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