April is Child Abuse Prevention Month

Madera County Proclamation by the Board of Supervisors

April 4th, 2017

Blue Sunday

We hope you join your fellow churches and agencies on this day.

For more information you may read the flyer to the right or below if you are viewing on your smartphone.

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Activities throughout the Month

  • Crossstreet Outeach on Child Abuse Prevention Banner for awareness in a high traffic area.
  • First 5 Mandated Reporter Training 4/3/17 (15 Participants)
  • 4/4/17 Child Abuse Prevention Month Proclomation from Board of Supervisors in partnership with DSS.
  • 4/10/17 Mobalizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships committee participation for the Child Abuse subcommittee
  • Website Traffic
    • Total Website Sessions in April thus far: 137 reached
    • 114 USA, from which 110 is CA, from which 81 is Madera f.
    • Total Page Views in April thus far: 355 reached pages
    • Visited the following sites and provided outreach with pin wheel and posters:
  • ASD Probation, Big Brother Big Sister, CAPMC Victim Services, CAPMC Child Care, DSS Admin, MCH Family Health Services, JSD Probation, BHS, Food Bank, Madera Library, Pioneer, Police Station, Quickeroo, WIC Office, Chowchilla Library, Chowchilla Family Health Services, Chowchilla Social services, and Chowchilla WIC.
    • Each site incorporated providers, child care children, staff, teachers, highschool students, pre-school students, clients, and involved a diverse amount of people ranging from consumers to staff. (~ 424 reached at least.)

Office Decorating Contest

This years office decorating contest involved more than just crafts and decorated lobbies. It involved so much more than that... it was the preschool students who made the dolls, staff members that took this awareness to heart, supervisors who truly care and participated with their staff, child care providers who got involved in the movement, mental health providers whose families and their children are excited and proud to see their work of art, youth and parents who called to see where they may volunteer to make a difference in this subject, and the public who commented on the beautiful efforts people put in these details shining resilient light upon this reality of what happens.

I sincerely hope that with this messages more people are courageous enough to talk about these topics, and make the next step, which is to report it and get help.

This years 2017 Winners are:

Madera Winner

Chowchilla Winner

Madera County Adult Services Division, Probation

Chowchilla Family Health Services

Madera Agencies and businesses that participated in this friendly community contest:

  • Adult Services Division of Madera Probation
  • Community Action Partnership, Child Care
  • Juvenile Services Division of Madera Probation
  • Madera County Library
  • Quickeroo
  • Big Brother, Big Sister
  • Department of Social Services, Administration Building
  • Madera County Behavioral Health
  • Pioneer Technical Center
  • WIC Office
  • Community Action Partnership, Victim Services
  • Family Health Services
  • Madera County Food Bank
  • Police Station

Chowchilla Agencies and businesses that participated in this friendly community contest:

  • Chowchilla Library
  • WIC Office of Chowchilla
  • Family Health Services, Chowchilla Medical Center
  • Social Services of Chowchilla

Thank you and we hope to share in this friendly contest again next year!