Together we can make a difference... the life of one child or the lives of many children



The Madera County Child Abuse Prevention Council (MCCAPC) is an organization that began in 1986. We became a non-profit agency in November of 2002. For 30 years, MCCAPC has provided a forum of preventative services and activities. In addition, our organization has established partnerships and collaborative relationships with other agencies in the community to improve the lives and well being of children and families throughout Madera County. To make a greater impact in the central valley, MCCAPC is also a part of a greater whole, and is a member of the Central California Coalition of Child Abuse Prevention Councils. MCCAPC could not perform these services without its collaborative partners and members.


To support community efforts in the prevention, intervention and treatment of child abuse by promoting and facilitating education that strengthens, empowers, and preserves the dignity of individuals and families.


  • To increase and promote public awareness of child abuse and neglect.
  • To facilitate community support and resources for prevention intervention and treatment programs.
  • To encourage education and facilitate trainings of professionals in the detection, treatment, and prevention of child abuse and neglect.
  • To recommend improvement in services to families and victims via public and non-profit agencies.
  • To encourage and facilitate support for children and families living in Madera County.
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