October, 2018:

  • Monday Oct. 1 - Beginning of 2ns Six Weeks
  • Tuesday Oct. 2 - Dine in and Pick up Report cards at Chuck E. Cheese
  • Wednesday Oct. 3
  • Thursday Oct. 4
  • Friday Oct. - Wear Pink Cancer- Wear Pink Attire- Kick off Breast Cancer Parade- parents are invited

Story of the Week: The Five Senses

Comprehension Skill: Author's purpose

Phonics: Letter/sound Short a (Espanol S)

Grammar: Sensory Words

Writing: Descriptive Sentences

Words to know: See (Espanol veo)

Vocabulary: Senses, aware, light, touch

Math: Identifying number 6-7, addition, shapes, nickel, penny

Science: S. will observe how objects move

Social Studies: S. will learn about being "Good Citizens"