McAllen ISD

Summer Reading

2019-2020 Grades 6 - 12

"One Benefit of summer was that each day we had more light to read by."

-Jeanette Walls

Middle School Grades 6-8

Summer Reading Novel Choices and Assignments

GT/Advanced Summer Reading Assignment

MS Tic Tac Toe Summer Reading 19-20 Update.pdf

Summer Reading Assignment for Academic Level ELA Classes

MS Summer Reading for All.pdf

Middle School Book Titles and Summaries

MS Summer Reading Selections

Sixth Grade Novel Choices

Seventh Grade Novel Choices

Eighth Grade Novel Choices

High School Grades 9 - 12

Summer Reading Assignments

High School Book Titles and Summaries

High School Summer Reading

English I Pre-AP

9th Grade Summer Reading 19-20.pdf

English II Pre-AP

10th Grade Summer Reading 19-20.pdf

AP Language and Composition, Dual Enrollment, and On-Ramps Courses

2019 - 2020

AP Lang, Dual ENrollment, and on-Ramps

Summer Reading Assignment

2019-20 AP Language Summer Reading.pdf

Choose ONE Book From the Following Selections:

AP Literature and Composition

2019 - 2020

AP Literature Required Reading

2019-20 MISD AP English Literature Summer Reading.pdf

2019 - 2020

AP Literature Summer Reading Assignment

Also, Choose ONE Book From the Following Selections: