Engineering a Future for our Marine Environment

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2021 - MCA GMT - India

Our joint venture 'MCA GMT' is launched this month, bringing together two mirrored companies in the UK and India. MCA GMT brings a wealth of experience but also marine scientists, environmental experts and innovators to help face up to the challenges of staying ahead in an unpredictable time.

Every part of marine and shipping business takes place in India and on a massive scale, based in the financial capital, Mumbai MCA GMT ideally positioned with local experts across India also supported by our UK and global community. MCA GMT is truly an organisation for the 2020’s; stretching technological capabilities to bring people together to share ideas and knowledge.

MCA GMT General Manger, Capt. Mitesh Gulati said “We are helping organisations understand the changing environmental and legal landscapes is impacting the way even well established business need to operate.”

We are committed to supporting Shipbuilders and Shipbreakers in India in delivering a world class product but also bringing in social and environmental standards that set the continent apart from the competition.

MCA Consulting works with organisations in identifying and managing operational and commercial risk in the marine environment. Our experienced professionals understand delivery of operational and engineering excellence is a foundation of successful outcomes.

Consisting of a diverse group of experts with a unique collection of academic excellence and industry experience from backgrounds in the Maritime and Energy sectors we are uniquely equipped to understand the consequence of a changing legislative and environmentally sensitive landscape. We look to the rapid progress in technology to promote and provide smart, sustainable solutions.

With a global presence we are well positioned to support the Energy and Maritime Industries. Our expertise is centered on Commercial Shipping, Offshore Energy, Marine Environment Sustainability and Impact and Emerging Marine Technologies.


MCA Consulting aims to influence industry towards a sustainable, continually improving interface with the marine environment through the application of new technology and collection and interpretation of data.

Core Values

Honest, Ethical & Transparent

Innovative: Engaged in development, deployment and integration of new technologies and software solutions.

Collaborative: Strive to be involved within the industry leading on technical and environmental issues and practices.

Qualitative: All reports from MCA are measured against industry standards.

We commit to providing our services by the most environmentally economic means available.