Online Learning

Online schedule and Instructions

To view as a Google Sheet, please click the following link:

Morrison Academy Taichung- High School

Odd Block Classes


Even Block Classes


*All Classes


*Teachers will communicate with students how they will check in or do work for today.


• Students should follow the above schedule and promptly be present in the Google meets assigned for each course when the class is scheduled to begin.

• Five minute “passing” period are built in to allow for bathroom breaks.

• Once a class ends, close the meeting window and open the meeting link for the next class.

• If you encounter technical difficulties;

1) Try to renter the Google meets through the appropriate link

2) Go to Google classroom to ensure you complete required work.

• Follow this link to Google Classroom

• Attendance will be taken based on student presence in the Google meet unless otherwise designated by the teacher.

• Teachers will provide guidance and instructions to students in each period on how to complete their tasks for the day.

• Use the "links" sheet below to find the appropriate link for your class (organized by each teacher's name)

Online Learning Day