Scholarship and Award Opportunities

Seniors that are pursuing a degree may apply for various scholarships that will award them with a personal check, or send the award directly to the college they are attending.

Scholarships may be available for seniors who are pursuing specific career paths or a specific major in college. These awards may be awarded in the form of a personal check or sent directly to the college they are attending.

Click here for additional information on scholarship guides and various scholarship websites.

How will I pay for college?

Resources on affording higher education, as well as information about the FAFSA, can be found here.

Please read the description and eligibility requirements of each scholarship carefully. If you have any questions or need assistance, please make an appointment to meet with your MBIT School Counselor:

Students with last names A - L

Students with last names M - Z

Frequently asked questions

  • Where can I obtain a scholarship application?

Electronic versions of scholarship applications will be available on this website. Simply click on the link provided to obtain the applications. Some scholarships are only available in paper format, and those copies can be picked up in the Main Office.

  • When are the applications due?

Each scholarship has a due date that is listed in the description. Students are responsible for mailing or electronically submitting their own applications to the scholarship committee or sponsor by the due dated. MBIT is not responsible for mailing student scholarship applications.

  • How do I submit my completed scholarship application?

The scholarship application will provide details on how to submit a completed application. In some instances, an address is provided for students to mail their completed application. Other scholarships requires students to email completed applications. Please follow the directions of the specific scholarship you are applying for.

  • The scholarship wants me to submit a transcript, along with other paperwork. Where do I get my transcript?

MBIT does not issue student transcripts. You must follow the guidelines of your sending school in order to obtain a copy of your high school transcript. In most cases, you can request a copy from you sending school guidance office, or sending school counselor. All of your MBIT grades and certifications earned are included on the transcript you request from your sending school.

  • Do I have to write an essay?

Most scholarships will require students to write an essay that follows a specific prompt. It is a good idea to have a trusted adult review your essay for grammatical or spelling errors before you submit the application. The best way to write your essay is to type it using a computer, so that editing it can be done quickly and efficiently. By saving the document, you will always have a copy of it that you can use or revise for other scholarship applications.

  • Does it matter how neatly the application is filled out?

Yes! The scholarship committee is looking for a candidate that takes pride in their work and presents themselves well, even if it is just on paper. The best way to do so is to complete the application using a blue or black pen (no pencil!), and to print neatly. Take your time to avoid making mistakes. If it is possible, completing the application electronically is preferred.