Middle Years

Our Vision

To create learning environments and experiences which will foster the development of confident, connected, actively involved citizens (the vision of the New Zealand Curriculum) who can think for themselves through thinking with others. In the middle years, our learning programmes provide opportunities for our students to explore the four future-focused principles of sustainability, enterprise, globalisation, and citizenship.

The Middle Years Profile

Thinking for ourselves through thinking with others.

The middle year's profile is written as a narrative that describes the learning dispositions we believe will allow our students to be competent learners across curriculum areas. The profile weaves the key competencies, Guy Claxton’s work on building learning power and the academic skills necessary to be effective lifelong learners.

Culturally Responsive and Relational Pedagogy

In the middle years, we strive to develop quality relationships through culturally responsive practice so our students have equitable opportunities and outcomes. Our learning programmes provide contexts for students to make connections from their prior knowledge and cultural experiences to new learning and understanding.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Students in the middle years are encouraged to make connections across curriculum areas when exploring problems, projects, experiences, themes or issues.

Flexible Learning Spaces

In the middle years, there are purpose-built flexible learning spaces. The physical buildings accommodate single cell and open plan learning environments that cater for a wide range and specialist and integrated learning. Our online platforms and BYOD allow for access to learning anywhere, anytime.

High Expectations

When students believe they are capable learners and have high expectations for themselves they are more likely to achieve success.