Top Tools


Language Arts

Newsela articles for students

StoryboardThat (digital storytelling)

NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

DuoLingo (learning foreign language)

ReadToLead (real-world literacy scenarios)


ReadWorks (get class code from teacher)

BoomWriter (get class code from teacher)

Readable (check reading level of text)

Whooo's Reading



PenPal Schools

Google Translate

ReWordify simplify complex text

Library eBooks/Audio/Video

Hawaii Public Library Bookflix, eBooks for kids/teens, audiobooks, digital magazines & more!



Open Library - Student Library

HippoCampus 7,000 free videos in 13 subjects

Critical Media Project videos on culture and identity

Audible free audiobooks for kids

Time Magazine For Kids

The Shows Must Go On! weekend shows from the National Theater

Dark Horse Comics

Free Marvel Comics

Storyline Online

Art & Design

Spatulatta cooking for kids

Artsonia student art portfolios and gallery

Remove Backgrounds with PhotoScissors, removebg, and Lunapic

CloudStopMotion and Stop Motion Animator

TinkerCAD 3d modeling

Photopea Image Editing

Google Arts & Culture

KidsThinkDesign collaborative design

Tate Kids art activities and exploration

Koji interactive posts

Pixlr online photo editor

Adobe Spark

LucidPress document creation

Canva document creation

Gravit design

Crello animation and graphics

Sweet Home 3D house and interior design, online or download

Lunapic online image editor

Monster Mash (easy 3D tracing and animation)



Coolmath Games

Math Games

Math is Fun

Math Planet Free Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Geometry course + SAT and ACT practice

Math Snacks


CanFigureIt Geometry proofs

Sybolab graphic calculator

Prodigy math games grades 1-8

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives

Virtual Nerd video math grade 6 - Algebra 2

GoeGebra math apps

Desmos graphing


Science & STEM

Mystery Science (see teacher for code, school subscription)

Sketchup (education, 3D modeling)

Scratch (block programming) (learn to type!)

Little Alchemy (science puzzle games)


Technovation Families STEAM design challenges

Trimble Sketchup 3D modleing

Nova science videos

Science Journal for Kids & Teens

PhET Interactive Simulations for Science & Math

EdHeads Science & Math games

Exploratorium Science Snacks

Prep Magic Build science simulations

CS First computer science education from Google Classroom

pencilcode computer coding

Be Internet Awesome digital citizenship from Google

Periodic Table

Science Bob

Software Kids Zone (Internet Archive)

Nitro Type multiplayer racing game

OK Go! Sandbox

High-adventure Science

BioInteractive real science, stories and real-world data

Lens Studio from Snap

History & Social Studies

Music, Video & Coding

BandLab music recording and production DAW (digital audio workstation)

Web-based Video Editors: clipchamp | invideo

Pixar In a Box animation course (Khan Academy)

Free Video Editors (download for Mac/PC): VideoPad | kdenlive (Win/Linux) | ShotCut| Lightworks | VSDC | Olive | VlogNow (VN) for mobile (IOS/Android)

CoSpaces EDU create 3D VR environments

Mozilla Hubs & Mozilla Spoke to view/create shared VR scenes

Wick Editor create animations & web games

MakeCode Arcade create games using Blockly, Javascript or Python post games you create and charge or offer for free

AppsGeyser (build apps without coding)

GoNoodle movement!

clipchampcreate video editor

TwistedWave audio editor

Chrome Music Lab

Shared Piano (up to ten play simultaneously)

EarSketch DAW using Python programming

FlipGrid video discussions

MetaVerse augmented reality

gosynth podcasting tool

Loom screencasting

Critical Media Project

Technology Tools & Extensions

View Image (Restore "View Image" in Google Image Search)

VideoVor Download Youtube Videos

123 Apps Video/Audio/PDF tools

Prey Project (free to track 3 Mac/Windows/IOS/Android/Linux devices)

SnapDrop (free web-based, cross-platform alternative to Apple's AirDrop)

TextToSpeech (and save as an MP3) also TTStool




Peardeck (also for Peardeck for Google Slides)



DistroTest (test different Linux versions)

TLDR This (summarize web pages)

Dualless (extension: tear off tab and split screen)

Read&Write (extension: speak text, highlight texts and save as a Google Doc)

The Great Suspender (extension: suspend inactive tabs)

Fair Adblocker (extension: blocks many ads)

Rewordify (simplify text)

Zoterobib (cite sources)

OFFLiberty (web-based YouTube downloader)

Video DownloadHelper (use the Firefox version as the Chrome will not download YouTube)

Convert 3D Formats

BridgeURL (share up to 10 sites with one link)


*Prodigy Game Codes - 6th Grade: FAFCFE4 | 7th Grade: 037844B | 8th Grade: 12851B4