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Lego Mindstorms EV3 is a fantastic resource for introducing and developing the STEM language of EAL students, especially when combined with the pedagogical, formative assessment, and graphing power of Desmos.

The resources posted here are based on the Lego Space Challenge Curriculum, though many can be used without.

Learning Challenges: Learning to program the robot educator using iPads.

Pro Learning Challenges: More advanced programming of the robot, using the computer software.

Space Challenges: Space challenge missions. These assume students have completed all the initial Learning Challenges.

Mars Challenges: Further, sometimes more difficult, missions. Some of these require students to have completed some of the Pro Learning Challenges. Some of these require the student to design their own mechanical engineering as well as software engineering (coming soon).

Maths Challenges: Lessons using the EV3 to explicitly and directly explore mathematical concepts.

Research Challenges: Research projects exploring science and engineering aspects of Mars exploration (coming soon).

Software Engineering Challenges: (Coming eventually) Challenges designed to develop some of the initial concepts of software development.

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