Kindergarten Math at Home

Welcome! We’ll update this page every weekday with a new math activity. Many of the activities will be fun and worthwhile for students of all ages so that you can do them as a family. The following day, we’ll share examples of how other people did the activity so you can check your work and stretch your thinking.

The resources on this page focus on the major work for kindergarten:

  • counting to 100 by 1 and 10, and reading and writing numbers to 20

  • solving problems that involve adding and subtracting within 10

  • understanding that teen numbers always have a group of 10 and some more ones

We’ll do a lot of work with shapes and patterns, too!

Activity of the Day

Check the archive to see past activities with sample solutions.

Math in Our World: Sidewalk Chalk Shape Art

A sidewalk chalk mosaic with a lot of shapes and colors. 12 of the shapes have 3 sides, and 9 have 4 sides. There are at least 9 colors. Each shape is different than the other shapes.

People in our neighborhood are drawing chalk art for others to look at when they go on walks. Our friends drew this picture on the sidewalk in front of their home.

  1. Show what is happening using pictures or numbers.

  1. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

  1. What mathematical questions can you ask about this art? Answer the questions that you can!

How could you get started?

  • Think about what you can count or compare.

  • What shapes do you see? How many shapes have 4 sides? How many have 3 sides?


  • Show your work to someone else and explain your thinking. Did they understand?

  • Ask if they have any other questions you can answer!

Follow Up

Draw a picture with lots of shapes in it on a paper or a paper bag, or outside with sidewalk chalk. How many shapes did you draw to fill up the paper? Make a picture of your shape art and include a note about how many and what kind of shapes you drew.

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Additional Resources

Use the resources below for paper-and-pencil practice and to play math games at home. All resources are free to the public.

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