Grade 5 Math at Home

Welcome! We’ll update this page every weekday with a new math activity. Many of the activities will be fun and worthwhile for students of all ages so that you can do them as a family. The following day, we’ll share examples of how other people did the activity so you can check your work and stretch your thinking.

The resources on this page focus on the major work for fifth grade:

  • multiplying and dividing multi-digit whole numbers in many ways

  • solving story problems involving fractions and decimals

  • finding the volume of cubes and other rectangular prisms

We’ll also do a lot of work with measurement and geometry, too!

Activity of the Day

Check the archive to see past activities with sample solutions.

How Many?

8 red blocks: 5 have 8 dots, 2 of these are stacked with 1 green block. 1 has 20 dots, 1 has 12 dots, 1 has 6 dots. 3 green blocks: 1 has 8 dots and is stacked with 2 red blocks. 2 have 16 dots. 3 yellow blocks: 1 has 6 dots. 2 have 8 dots but 1 has all the dots in 1 row and the other has 2 row of 4 dots. 7 light blue blocks: 6 have 8 dots and are stacked together. The one by itself has six dots. 3 dark blue blocks: 2 have six dots, 1 has 12 dots.

Need help getting started?

  • What do you see that you can count?

  • Can you count in different ways?

  • Does the placement of the objects give you ideas?

  • What groups do you notice?

  • What equations could you write to describe how many?

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Additional Resources

Use the resources below for paper-and-pencil practice and to play math games at home. All resources are free to the public.

Activities of the Day

Want more Activities of the Day? Check out the archive for past activities, including sample responses.

Practice Pages

Collections of practice pages organized by math skill. In English and Spanish with answer keys.

Online Games

Digital math games to play independently or together online.

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