Grade 2 Math at Home

Welcome! We’ll update this page every weekday with a new math activity. Many of the activities will be fun and worthwhile for students of all ages so that you can do them as a family. The following day, we’ll share examples of how other people did the activity so you can check your work and stretch your thinking.

The resources on this page focus on the major work for second grade:

  • fluency with addition and subtraction facts to 20

  • counting within 1,000 by 1, 10, and 100, and writing and reading numbers up to 1,000

  • adding and subtracting 2- and 3-digit numbers in many ways

We’ll do a lot of work with measurement and geometry, too!

Activity of the Day

Check the archive to see past activities with sample solutions.

Math in Our World: Block Towers

Jimmy loves to build block towers. The taller the tower, the better!

Here is his basket of blocks. It has 100 pieces in it.

Jimmy built two towers. The first one used 28 pieces. The second one used 33 pieces.

  1. Show what is happening using pictures, models, or numbers.

  1. What do you notice? What do you wonder?

  1. What math questions can you ask about this situation? Answer the questions that you can!

How could you get started?

  • Try representing the quantities of cubes on a number line. What do you notice?

  • What can you count or compare?

  • What can you add or subtract?

  • Which tower has more pieces? How many more pieces?

  • After he built both towers, how many pieces were left in his basket?


Show your work to someone else and explain your thinking. Did they understand?

Ask if they have any other questions you can answer!

Follow Up

Build your own tower. You could use blocks, paper cups, or anything else that stacks pretty easily in your home!

Find the total number of pieces in your tower. How many did you use?

Create problems to go along with your tower, and share them with your friends or family!

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Additional Resources

Use the resources below for paper-and-pencil practice and to play math games at home. All resources are free to the public.

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