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Each archived activity below includes the original prompt and, on additional pages, examples of how others responded to the prompt. There are often many ways to approach a single activity: seeing how others thought about the prompt can really stretch our thinking and help us learn! Each Activity of the Day can be used across multiple grade levels, so check out the archived activities in nearby grades.

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About the Activity Types

What Comes Next?

Look for patterns in a sequence of pictures. Then decide what comes next in the sequence. Take it to the next level by writing equations, using math words, and by making your own new sequence to share with others.

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Look at a set of four pictures. Decide which one doesn’t belong with the other three. Describe your thinking using math words. There are lots of ways to think about each one! Take it to the next level by figuring out a reason why each picture might not belong and by making your own WODB puzzles to share.

Today’s Number

Find as many ways as you can to show a single number using pictures, words, equations, and more. Write a story problem to go with one or more of your ways. Challenge yourself to find as many different representations as possible!

How Many?

Look at a picture and find as many ways as you can to answer the question How many? There are always many things to count and many ways to think about each image. Take it to the next level by writing equations to describe your thinking or finding a way that your family member hasn’t thought of.

Math in Our World

Solve problems about math in our homes and the world around us. These problems feature glimpses into other families’ lives. Many of the problem situations can be extended. Take it to the next level by writing and solving your own problems about the situation.

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