TRIPODS southwest summer conference

Thanks to all participants for contributing to a highly successful conference!

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About the workshop:

From Monday, May 21 to Thursday, May 24, UA TRIPODS will be holding its first conference on data science at Biosphere 2 in Oracle. Arizona. The main goal of this conference is to bring together researchers and scientists in data science in this inspiring and relaxed place, presenting new results on theory, methods, applications, and exchanging ideas. The events will include plenary talks, mini-courses and informal discussions.

Two mini-course sessions on 1) reproducible research in data science, using container technology through CyVerse infrastructure, and 2) deep learning through neural networks. Both min-course involve hands-on activity in class.

Four technical sessions with themes on 1) optimization and learning, 2) graphs algorithms and network data analysis, 3) imaging analytics and data visualization, 4) natural language processing and Bayesian methods.

PROGRAM: See the program at a glance here. Mini-courses and technical sessions schedules are available here

Don't forget to:

  • Apply for funding! Please refer to Registration link for more information.
  • Submit posters across the foundational aspects of data science.

Supporters and Sponsors

  • University of Arizona Mathematics Department
  • University of Arizona Computer Science Department
  • University of Arizona Statistics GIDP
  • University of Arizona College of Science
  • University of Arizona Research, Discovery and Innovation (RDI) Office
  • National Science Foundation