Math 113 - Elements of Calculus


Introductory topics in differential and integral calculus. Students are expected to have a graphing calculator. Except as per University policy on repeating a course, credit will not be given for this course if the student has credit in a higher level math course. Such students may be dropped from the course. Examinations are proctored.


Proctored/Prep for College Algebra 88+ or Proctored/Prep for Calculus 65+ or MATH 109C, 110, 112, 113, or 116.


The Math 113 final exam is held in your usual classroom, on the date and time prescribed by the UA Calendar for Final Exams. To find the date and time, go to, select the current semester, then scroll down and click on the link for the Exam Schedule for Tu/Th or M/W/F classes (whichever matches your normal class meeting time).