I have been teaching at Purdue University, the University of Cincinnati and the University of Arizona. I have taught various courses ranging from pre-calculus to upper division/beginning graduate courses for students with diverse mathematical backgrounds. I have constantly received excellent evaluations from my students. Besides my expertise in analysis and PDEs, I have also taken graduate courses in numerical methods, scientific computing and computational finance during my graduate study at Purdue University. These courses have prepared me to teach a wide range of undergraduate and graduate courses. The courses I have taught include:

University of Arizona

  • MATH 122A: Functions for Calculus (Evaluation: 4.67/5)
  • MATH 122B: Calculus I (Ongoing)
  • MATH 125: Calculus I (Evaluation: 3.77/5)
  • MATH 322: Mathematical Analysis for Engineers (Evaluation: 3.93/5)
  • MATH 422: Advanced Applied Mathematics (Evaluation: 3.57/5)

University of Cincinnati

  • MATH 1044: Applied Calculus I (Evaluation: 4.0/5)
  • MATH 1045: Applied Calculus II (Evaluation: 4.5/5)
  • MATH 1071: Introduction to Discrete Mathematics (Evaluation: 4.2/5)

Purdue University

  • MA 153: Algebra and Trigonometry I (Evaluation: 4.3/5)
  • MA 154: Algebra and Trigonometry II (Evaluation: 3.4/5)
  • MA 224: Introductory Analysis II (Evaluation: 4.4/5)
  • MA 162: Algebra and Plane Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (TA)
  • MA 166: Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (TA)
  • MA 173: Calculus and Analytic Geometry II for Honors Students (TA)
  • MA 261: Multivariate Calculus (TA)