Guadalupe I. Lozano, Ph.D.

Director, Center for University Education Scholarship (CUES)

Director, External Relations & Evaluation, Mathematical Sciences

Associate Research Professor, Mathematics

Curriculum Vitae 2020

How One UA Math Professor Advocates for Latinx-Serving STEM Studies

Full Report

Active Projects & Engagements

Project Outreach FAMILIA (Forwarding Academic Mechanisms Integral to Learning In the Academy). (Co-Principal Investigator, US DOE, Title V award P031S200086)

Active-learning learning for 2-year HSI students and 4-year transfers: faculty development, and impact on students' attitudes, math performance, and persistence. (Principal Investigator, NSF award #1644899.)

The Southwest Conference on Transforming STEM Education at HSIs. (Principal Investigator, NSF award #1748526.)

Conference REPORT | Lozano, Guadalupe and Franco, Marla and Subbian, Vignesh, Transforming STEM Education in Hispanic Serving Institutions in the United States: A Consensus Report (April 12, 2018). Available at SSRN:

The STEM in HSI Working Group at the University of Arizona (Founding Member, NSF award #1748526)

A Global Approach to the Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences: How to Measure It, How to Reduce It? (Advisory Board Member, ICSU grant to IMU-IUPAC, 2016-19.)

MAA Instructional Practices Guide, Active-Learning Design Practices (Invited Co-Author, NSF award #1544324)

Center for University Education Scholarship, CUES (Director,