Welcome to my site. I am an applied mathematics Ph.D student. My research interests are anything involving (applied): probability, stochastic processes, ODEs, PDEs.

My work so far:

Presentations and Publications

• Text Mining Using R. Presented at 52nd Army Operations Research Symposium.

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD. November 5, 2014.

• Son K-H, Zhang M, Rucobo E, Nwaigwe D, Montgomery F and Leffert HL. Derivation

and study of human epithelial cell lines resistant to killing by chromium trioxide. Journal

of Toxicology and Environmental Health Part A, 67: 1027-1049 (2004).


•MATLAB code hosted on Mathworks server which implements ensemble Kalman filter.

Code has been used by professors, researchers, and Ph.D

students. Code uses algorithm from S Gillijns et. al., What Is the Ensemble Kalman Filter

and How Well Does it Work? Proceedings of the 2006 American Control Conference,

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, June 14-16, 2006, pp 4448-4453)

email: dwightnwaigwe@math.arizona.edu

office: ENR2 S390BB